Cross Threaded my XLR8 :(

Hello! I recently got an XLR8 from Kristen Bjork as a gift. I threw it a few times, but I had an extra Konkave bearing lying around and I wanted to put it in the XLR8, so I did, but as I was screwing it back together, I cross threaded it. That same day I took the axle out, and ordered another. The axle came today but when I put it into the side that got cross threaded, it wouldn’t go in straight, it was slanted no later what. Can YoYoJam replace it or just replace the bad half? It was purchased at Worlds so I think it stays in the “30 warranty”.

If you cross threaded it, I’m pretty sure it’s your fault and they won’t replace it. You could still try… Sorry man.

You caused the damage, why should they replace it? Warranties are to cover manufacturing defects.

What you could do is get a tap of the proper size and retap the existing hole to straighten the threads out. By proper size I mean use the existing axle size.

Can you make a video? Bryan told me that they might. All I need is a half, that’s it, I’m not asking for a full yoyo.

So wouldn’t it make more sense to email YYJ and ask them, rather than asking here ::slight_smile:

No I can’t, but here’s info…

(Skip the part about drilling the hole)

So does “Bryan” work for YYJ?

I knew you should have sold me this one :confused: wow I am sorry for the mishap, but you really should spin the axle counterclockwise until you feel it seat into place them soon it clockwise. So you don’t have the issues of cross threading.

Bryan Figueroa,…

I left them a voice mail.

How did this turn out?

Discussing the damage currently.

What is that tool they showed and used to explain how to re-tap a yoyo? I don’t think I saw what it was called? Because I may buy a yoyo that needs the axle rethreaded

I am fairly certain you are speaking of a “tap and die” set the tap is for the internal threads (think yoyo axle or anything you screw a bolt into) and the die is for the he external threads (think yoyo axel or screw/bolt).

You’ll want to look at getting a rethreading setup before jumping to a tap and die set though.

The tap and die are used to recut damaged threads, the rethreading tool will clean and redefine the threads back to original working order. Here is a small video on using a tap, here  sample of a tap in use.  Be warned these aren’t beginners tools and really need a guided hand to teach and show you the proper way to clean and cut threads. here is a video that goes over the basics and shows them in action.

You don’t need to get a whole tap and die set - expensive. Just buy the tap of the right size and a tap handle. Run it in carefully, keeping it straight. Generally you’re just cleaning up threads, not cutting new ones, so it’s a bit easier to do.

I will add that being careless in re-threading things will only cause you to mess it up even further. I’ve used hand taps for threading small titanium items and used larger hand taps for re-threading larger titanium items as well. Definitely pay attention to what you’re doing. Cranking hard won’t be the answer, especially with Al being fairly soft.

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Haha I didn’t imply one needed to run out and get a master set but a small set can be useful and indeed cheaper. There are a few different sizes out there for yoyo use. Even cleaning up the threads requires some patience and know how. Although with he amount of people damaging threads lately and the severity you could run into something a little more then just a basic cleanup job.

There is a yoyo company out there that is doing something very cool and I’d be interested in seeing it used more often. They are using a stainless steel helicoil insert on their axle threads that might save on some headaches with this sort or thing so that you’d strip the axle and not the threaded area in the yoyo.

Seems if care was taken initially then a rethreading kit or a tap and die wouldn’t be needed, but sometimes there requires a worst case scenario in order to learn to be gentle and careful when dealing with threads.

I always spin my yoyo halves counterclockwise half a turn or so until I feel a little click to know the axle is seated properly before tightening and find this helps make sure it threads true each time.

How do you pronounce Bjork?

The “jork” sounds like “york”. Mesh the “b” and “j” together when saying it.