Stripped yo-yos (not axles, the yo-yo)

i have had this problem with almost ever YYF yo-yo i have ever bought! im new to slack tricks and my yo-yo hit the ground sometimes (not very hard) and when this happens, the threads fall onto the axle, no joke after i unscrew it all the threads are on the axle, and YYF wont replace it because they said that type of damage isn’t covered by warranty. to clear things up, its the threads that the axle screws into not the axle threads. i was thinking about using a tap and die set to re thread the yo-yo half’s and put in a larger axle, would this work? and does anybody have experience with tap and dieing because i would rather have somebody who knows what there doing than me do it.

Tapping for a larger axle is probably your best approach. It helps if you have a lathe or a drill press to mount the shell in and hold the tap so that the alignment is right.

That happened to one of my yoyos once. I took it to this local machine shop guy, who fixed it really fast. I guess he re-threaded the yoyo. It’s worked fine ever since. So if you could find someone like that near you, i think that would be your best bet.

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You could send it to a modder like ^^. They rethread it but they’re quite expensive. Find a cheap one.

I don’t think it will be expensive, but that’s relative. It should take all of about 15 minutes to do with the right tools.

Most machine shops have a hourly minimum. Our’s is $70 an hour. that’s not to say there aren’t some cool machinists out there that would do it for free.

Oh, of those I’ve found were expensive to me, but you know, it’s almost impossible for me to be able to get another 10$ toy relative thing.

Are both sides stripped?