General Yo axles

Hi. :slight_smile: Where can I buy replacemet axles for the general yo Ministar/Hatrick? My axles are quite worn so I need to buy replacements.

I would check general yo websites, or maybe the bst?

I would go to a hardware store and see what fits. If you canโ€™t find a long enough set screw of the right thread size, get a normal screw and cut the head off. Smooth the cut w/a fine file.

How did your axles get worn?

Thats what I was thinking. I think you wore out the threads on your yoyos. Maybe itโ€™s time
To get them re-tapped for a larger size or maybe helicoils

ADVICE- Only take apart your yoyo if there is no other means of fixing it.

I know. The threads on the axle were stripped about a year ago, back then I did not realize that if I keep taking my yoyo apart it could cause vibe.