rethread my yoyo please


So I just stripped my no. 9 and wanted to get it rethreaded. Who can do this and how much would it cost?


The term is re-tapped. Many machine shops can do this for you. Just make sure you also provide them with your axle so they can cut your new axle to length. It’s probably going to be a lot faster and less expensive for you to find this work to be done locally.

My only word of caution is that you’ll want someone or some place that is at least familiar enough with yoyo to understand that even though it’s a simple task, it just requires paying attention to small details. Most machinists may not understand where yoyos are these days, but in my experience, they seem to understand paying attention to the fine details.

Sorry to hear about your No.9 being down for the count right now. Best of luck to you.


You can probably buy a new yoyo with the price machine shops make you pay. Also, sometimes machine shops don’t even get the thread centered perfectly. Send it to Landon Balk, he can fix it pretty quickly.


I wouldn’t trust any machinists I’ve ever met with your Yoyo. I’m in the metalwork trades and I know taking it to a machine shop would be way too costly and a serious gamble.