I do re-tapping/re-threading


Hey guys- Landon here of 3YO3-

Anyone who’s stripped the threads of their aluminum/metal yoyo, I can fix it, so long as there’s enough metal to support a bigger diameter hole. I make EVERY 3YO3 plastic yoyo by hand, start to finish, so I know yoyos inside & out. I’ve done ~20 re-taps, all with great success, many on very high end stuff like YYR, etc.

Here’s a picture of a YYR that was originally an M4 axle, but has been re-done to M5.




And above is the original axle (with burs caused from axle removal with pliers) next to the re-made axle I did on the lathe (only cut to length & faced/chamfered on the lathe).

If you’re interested, I generally try for $20 shipped for this service.

Please PM if interested, thanks!



There’s quite a few people here who are going to call you a life saver for offering this.

Thanks for putting it out there. Maybe business be good for you!


The entheos thread inspired you to make this?

BTW, your yoyos are amazing.


That, & on 1 page of the mod section on YYN, there were like 6 “I need _______ retapped!!” threads. lol.