Need a modder to re-thread two of my yoyos

I have a yyf genesis+ and a duncan raptor that need to be rethreaded. Both yoyos suffered a pretty intensive lifespan where they were stepped on, by accident. The yoyos are super vibey, but its not from the damage, they are beat, but its from the fact that you could feel the axles move around if you wiggled them inside their axle slots (not sure what that is called). Both axles are bent, but even with new ones, the yoyo still vibes/wobbles pretty heavily. Both yoyos had a good vibe on grinds, but on string play were smooth. I also, would be willing to pay for the new sized axles.

let me know, modders out there. Also, i was wondering if someone could just strip the genesis while they were at it. Thanks and i can post pictures with the problem descriptions, if anyone is unsure of what needs fixing.

Contact Landon Balk. His forum name & company name is 3YO3.

is there anybody else? There was a guy who would do it for free, but he lives in the UK and shipping costs out there are expensive. All i have is like $15 for someone to do it. I really just want my genesis to be working more smoothly. The duncan is cool too, but i have a huge emphasis on the Genesis+. I contacted Landon Balk and have not yet recieved an answer and its been about a month.

Does anybody (who lives in the states) do this kind of work and would be willing to work with me on a price?

Save up a few dollars. You should have enough by the time he contacts you. I think it’s like $20.

Landon Balk charges $20 I think? Hes really good at what he does so I would suggest going there and did he Email him? Whenever I email him he always gets back to me in a day or two

Correct. $20

I believe the correct term is retap and not retread.


You mean Retap and Rethread? Both those terms can be used,

Yeah, rethread. Darn iPhone. Don’t make me go android you apples!

I know…

But, both terms apply to fixing the threads.