rec rev stax


What are stax? How do you use them? What are they for?


Very similar to side effects, they are a replaceable axle system. The only ones they have now are the stock ones with the R on it, but they plan on making more. So if you strip your axle or want more weight, pop in a new set and throw! A replaceable axle is great thing that all yoyos should have to minimize problems and rethreading yoyos and I’m glad other companies are catching on


Or just take better care of your throws.

Although, I do think this is great. Good to see some competition for One Drop.


I have never stripped anything for your information :slight_smile:

But Stax don’t even compare when it comes to quality. SEs are so perfect, with the little rubber rings and stuff. Stax are just a piece of plastic that fits into a hole in a yoyo. (Still love my Silly Goose)


Have not seen any Stax up close yet. Might be a good chance to get my first rec rev.

And I wasn’t pointing at you when I was talking about stripped yo-yo’s :smiley: In fact, I don’t know how people manage to strip a yo-yo.


It happens a lot i noticed when people use pliers to remove the axle. It flattens part of the axle, which then strips the yoyo. Also, many yoyos seem to strip if it has a very shortaxle system, (except yoyorecreation). For example, the miricle yo TRAP and the C3 Token have stripped in my personal experience and in online stories.


Looks like a fairly clunky solution imo. Might still try one at some point.


@Yoyoer4lifeLuke2013, Hub stacks are rotating side members which fasten to posts on the outer hub with an A sized bearing and a rubber o-ring. Stacks are an accessory to potentially expand your trick catalog by providing more trick options. Some are very loud and make the throw considerably heavier. Also they are a good springboard for learning horizontal play. These stacked RecRevs also caught my attention and what a good price. here is a vid with some 5A hub stack tricks:


You’re confusing STAX with hubstacks.

Hubstacks are spinning elements. STAX are a replaceable hub/axle system found currently only in select RecRev models.


Sorry I misunderstood the original post. So , essentially the RecRev “Stax” are very similar to OD side effects?..


Like a primative, less clever and useful form(however also much less expensive, so that’s a major bonus). Straight from David:

Still interesting and with some of the color options they’re about to release i’ll pick up at least one of their throws just to check it out, but this isn’t a game changer or anything imo.

(Trickster) #12

They are made of metal and also very high quality.


I’m sure they’re made of metal (imagine if they were plastic…) and are precisely machined, but they definitely miss the mark that Side Effects hit dead-on. Side Effects are tapered to allow a might tighter connection. “Stax” are not. I’m sure they work the way they were intended to, but treating them as a full-blown Side Effect alternative seems like a very bad move to me.


Stax are plastic…


Odd. I was told by RecRev they were made of metal as I was buying a Silly Goose(that uses STAX) and a Sine//Saw(that also uses STAX) and an Octave(that doesn’t use STAX) at their booth at BAC. They can go next to my “@”(which uses STAX) and my new f(x)(no stax), which are other recent RecRev’s I have.

So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go with what the people who made them are telling me.


That changes everything, to me at least! So they’re basically a plastic axle system for metal yoyos?

I might be being dense, but I just don’t see any possible advantage there. It is pretty hard to strip a metal throw, but relatively easy to strip a plastic one if you don’t know what you’re doing. Why make an axle system easier to strip, but possible to replace if you could just stick with what you’ve been doing successfully for years? Combined with the fact that One Drop’s Side Effects have been torture-tested by the whole community for years, I don’t think “Stax” will be popular with people who are expecting something in-line with Side Effect’s in terms of quality and functionality…


I would expect the advantage is in the manufacturing. It is much cheaper to machine yo-yo halves if you don’t have to tap them for threads.


Oh yeah, then don’t take my word for it. I kinda assumed they were plastic, but now that you think of it I guess they are probably metal. Sorry for any confusion I cause.


Uh since you own them why don’t you just tell us what they’re made of…


If you read it he says the he’s going with what the manufacturer said. So he believes they are metal.