Yoyo my friends and I designed SPECS PG 1


About 2-3 weeks ago, my friends and I started designing a yoyo. We based the design off RecRev’s TA-1 and Ocillatrix. Right now we have two main issues; we need C-bearing seat dimensions and don’t know what axle we should use( side effects, STAX, or regular axle). So we thought we should put this out into the community for any advice.

Diameter: 52.13mm
Width: 43mm
Weight: 65 grams
Bearing: C sized

We call it “The Hybrid”


Looks cool, could we see a cross section? Hopefully that question won’t turn this thread in to the next Ricochet thread… :smiley:

Oh yes, and I’d say go for Side Effects. At the moment, they have more options than STAX.


Yeah, if you’re looking for adjustability use SE’s. They have more options and I’ve heard that a lot of people are having problems with STAX.


Sorry, I’m new to CAD designing. What is a cross section?


Imagine if you took one half of the yoyo, and cut it in half horizontally. Then we would be able to see the weight distribution, thickness of the walls, etc.


Thanks! I think i know what you mean now. I’ll post it later tomorrow after my I get operating system re-installed.


That looks really nice! I’d say use side effects, my 2nd choice would be STAX.


We decided for prototyping purposes, we are going to go with a regular axle. Then if we change our minds, side effects will be a point of discussion when a run of protos come into play


Don’t use STAX, they are a flawed axle system. Go for Side Effects.


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Not in my experience.


From what I’ve seen, STAX are the equivalent of say, using two bolts to hold a Dv888 which has stripped threads together. They are hard to screw together tightly.

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Eh, yoyospirit, STAX are basically just Side Effects made of plastic minus the rubber O Rings. I’d go for SEs for your yoyo, but if you wanna keep it cheaper (I assume STAX are cheaper than SEs) got for STAX.


They’re plastic? Maybe I should take a closer look at how these work… Are they a tight fit or do they fall out if the yoyo isn’t screwed together?


Stax are metal. I thought they were plastic too, and Studio42 yelled at me saying “I think I know why I’m talking about I asked the guy at the booth.”


Sooner than expected, my friends and I have discussed that we will use a regular axle.


Stax are good. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Maybe SE’s are better (never used em), but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with stax. They work great. They keep the yoyo together, don’t induce vibe, and look nice. Nothing to complain about, just a nice, functional replaceable axle system.


We plan on having a few protos made before summer ends. All of which will use a regular axle with flowable. Specs will be posted soon


Also, I sent the design to jupdyke, and he is going to fix the issues(along with the bearing seat)