Can you help me?

As you know, I am a co-founder of a new yoyo company tropic spins. We are so close to making our prototypes, we just need to know the info on the diagrams below. The parts we need to know have little notes next to them. Thanks! (sorry if it is kinda hard to see)

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No. No we can not.

I can see the the blueprints look good I like them! it has nice low walls which I enjoy as well as several other people plus the inside looks like fun for finger spins.

Personally, I’d like it more if it used a longer axle. Having a longer axle has quite a few advantages, I’ve found yoyos with longer axles strip much less, and have a lower chance of gaining vibe when making contact with the ground, having a taller bearing seat most also helps. I don’t know why some companies insist on having any axle less than 12mm. Walls also look a bit thin, what’s the diameter and weight? And why a size B bearing, do you know how thin those are?

The shorter axles are simply for weight distribution. It’s still .5 in and it is a size C bearing if u look at the dimensions.

Looks pretty good. I think a lot of the informatio you need is going to depend on which bearing you decide to use.

It’s a typo, size C. Click the link in my siggy for any extra info, and thanks for the suggestion.

I know, but making the axle longer isn’t that much more weight. Btw, those dimensions on the bearing can actually vary, for example, a one drop 10 ball will have the same over all dimensions as a Dif-e-yo concave, but there are some differences.

Love that design, looks a little like the quake :wink:

Op are you trying to figure out the dimensions of the bearing? Am I the only one reading the original post correctly?

It’s not that, he needs to find the width of the inner and outer race of the bearing from what I’m seeing, but the problem is, that varies on different bearings.

Sorry I wasn’t specific, it just seems like people are mostly critiquing the design in general

The Peak reminds me of a Mayhem… ::slight_smile:

It was mainly the chamfer of the bearing but the whole problem was resolved.

If you’re trying to connect that to him saying this looks like a Quake, then that logic is flawed since the Peak was out before the Mayhem and this is after the Quake, btw, I don’t see many similarities between this and the Quake lol

I mean there’s only so many ways to make a yoyo and there’s hundreds of designs already so there’s bound to be similarities anyways lol

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I think it is best to make it without any radius, because it’s kinda varies between bearing.

Edit; trying to be more helpful. you need a tool with no R, I think it is best to make a bearing post like that.
anyway, great design.

Yeah that was what I was thinking but the machinist we were talking to hadn’t made yoyos before so that was the struggle. But I think that’s what he came up with as a solution idk he didn’t tell me lol.

But thanks for the help!

I agree, and me saying it looked like a quake was not criticism what’s so ever. The shape is a little bit similar but then again, the quake is a great yoyo. I think this could be a great yoyo. Keep it up! I meant it as a compliment

Thanks then! Lol just wanted to make sure we weren’t gonna take hits for the similarity.