Axle length

What is the difference in axles and their length. If I have a yo-yo that is missing the axle how do I know how long of an axle I need. My spintastics space monkey has the first few threads stripped out and I think if I put the longer axle in it I can still make it work. I don’t want to buy a whole bunch of axle’s and just keep trying them. Hopefully just buy one. thanks for all the input. I guess I’ll just go up to my MMS and hope that a crips and a half of the yo-yo that is stripped out. Boy the voice recognition sucks in this for forum


Welcome to the Forums. I’m not that good with technical stuff but you will get the correct answer here soon.


It sounds like this yoyo is frequently sold as a kit with multiple parts, to be able to switch from responsive to unresponsive play. If so could you tell us what parts came with it and if there were any instructions?


Strictly talking, the lenght of axle impacts the weight of the center of the yoyo, the shorter it is the lighter the weight. However, the larger the axle is the more stable the cups of yoyo will be.

The most common length is around 7 mm. But in some instances certain yoyos require specific type of axle.

You must ask Kyle this guy is the only man alive to ship working kick but YoYos with the smallest axles ever invented and his logic is very sound hard to argue with the gent. So you want to know about axles talk to Kyle at kyostoys. He’ll set you straight. Nuff Said. Word to your mother.

Yeah it came with two bearings and only one axle. Unlike my dv888 that came with two axle’s and two bearings. I got the responsive unresponsive kit for that… I guess I should just go a little bit longer than the axle that stripped out. I have an edge, Marco, horizon, iceberg, and other nice yo-yos but I am just amazed at how smooth the
is space monkey is so I want to get it going unresponsive again.

Thanks, this space monkey came with two bearings for unresponsive and responsive play. And only one axle that’s 5 mm so I guess I’m going to take a 7 mm and RAM it in there and hope it grips

I’m sure you won’t RAM it in. The threads inside the halves may get damaged. I sent you a PM.

Oh well.

If the threads are strippped out you may have more of a problem than axle length. Too long of an axle then you won’t be able to screw the two halves together. The word is GENTLY try the longer axle, you may be lucky and the depth of the hole in the yoyo will take it. Depending how much thread is stripped you could try something like Loctite to hold the axle in place. There are other options but that starts to depend on how damaged the throw is in the first place, as you start to get into the realms of permanent changes.
Stick with Mr ChrisFranz he’s been around awhile and knows his stuff.

It works it works! I saved the space monkey. just a little longer axle and it held. Loctiting the side that is stripped is a good idea. Thank you everyone.


I thought you did not have another axle. I’m glad you got it figured out.

Glad you found a solution. Now I want to tell you about a fix that worked for one of my yoyo’s. I just went to the local nut and bolt place (Ace Hardware) and bought a bolt (19 cents) that screwed into a half. Put both halves together with the larger bearing to mark where to cut the bolt head off. Then used blue Lock Tite (which will allow the bolt to be unscrewed later with extra force) to hold it centered in place since there was not a way to use an Allen wrench to do that when resembling the halves and bearing.

Thanks that’s good information, I’ve never tried that. Dylan Kowalski talk about using loctite but he never does the video on it. Sounds like a good way to get a nice even axle