C3 Token Stripped

So my yoyo stripped. Not the axel but the yoyo. It’s just the edges of the socket though, but the axel is short enough that it doesn’t reach the good threads anymore. Help?

So I just toss it then?

I think this is a common problem with the Token. I’ve heard that the stock axle is too short and its recommended not to open and close it much. So far I’ve probably only opened mine once to switch the bearing.

I think a longer axle will work, but I have no idea what is compatible or where to get it.

according to yye it’s an “8 mm” axle. you can get them at your local hardware store. just eye the length.

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I’d be curious to know not what length it ships with, but what length it will accept so that I can go get a longer one. I suppose it’s not too hard to measure it up myself… if nobody beats me to it, I’ll post results later.

I could be imagining things, but I feel like it might be a softer aluminum than 6061… don’t have the spec sheet in front of me. Certainly the threads in the yoyo halves feel … delicate/soft. So I also do not take mine apart if I can help it.

That’s what i’m thinking. That’s probably how they got the price so low.

Mine stripped too, but I took it apart and reversed the axel and some how it screws back normally. Check and see if you still have the tiny stripped metal still loose somewhere in threads before screwing together.

Yeah I did that several times. It finally gave up though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try asking yoyospirit, he fixed me up with a nice axle back when i was major noob, and I stripped a yoyo that used an 8mm. He has nice prices too! Only $20 for a polish! Who knew someone with such neat yoyo mods could have such messy handwriting lol :wink: