RecRev: "@" Vs. "Silly Goose" Pics Added!


Recreational Revolution has certainly been putting out a fair amount of yoyos just recently. Implementing their new STAX axle system, the @ and Silly Goose are two of the three throws now which have the system (third being the Sine//Saw). I thought I should do a Side-by-Side comparison for those who have been looking at all of their new throws. I will review each one, and then explain the main differences at the end. May add pictures tomorrow. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

RecRev @

Diameter: 56.8 mm
Width: 42.8 mm
Weight: 68 grams
Bearing Type: Buddha Bearing Ripple
Bearing Size: C Size (.250″ x .500″ x .187″)
Response System: CBC Pads (Central Bearing Co)
Shape: Modified V-shape

The shape is a pretty strange design. One does not usually see a double step seen in the catch zone as there is no substantial reason for it. Regularly, such steps are taken out of the cup instead as to not manipulate the shape of the catch zone. I’d have to say this is what separates the @ and makes it totally unique compared to other throws out there. It has a bizarre yet fully functional shape which may appeal to some. The steps are so small that they do not effect play and are essentially cosmetic.

On the Throw:
The @ is very smooth and comes to the end of the string with a very graceful thump. Just enough you will be aware of it. On that regard, it also moves with a very balanced feel between float and stability. Off axis motions do not cause it to tilt much at all, and the stock bearing and response does this company the justice it deserves. Tricks I would expect to have issues with like Over Under Boingy Boing do not snag with the string I was using. At 56.8mm, it pushes my preferences on diameter but its size is quite justifiable. I have found it to be pretty much middle of the road in all respects.

RecRev Silly Goose (Diameter and Width Guesstimated)

Diameter: ~56 mm
Width: ~42 mm
Weight: 68 grams
Bearing Type: Buddha Bearing Ripple
Bearing Size: C Size (.250″ x .500″ x .187″)
Response System: CBC Pads (Central Bearing Co)
Shape: Organically Shaped H

Essentially, this throw is an H shape with a seriously rounded catch zone. Certainly the most extreme combination of classic and modern yoyo design. Feels different in the hand, but that’s not a big deal. On the throw, feels like an H.

On the Throw
Out of the container, my Silly Goose had a bit of a vibe. Once I unscrewed the yoyo and re-tightened it, the vibe was entirely gone. It is pretty tough to knock it off axis, as many H shapes are. Similar to the @, there were very few issues I had with snag while doing tricks I would expect it to on. Feels very much like an H shape as I already mentioned, and is very much a middle of the road throw.

For Both!

I purchased both in the Purple/Gold Paisley colorway. The feel on each is fantastic: just as smooth as both of them play. The colorway is put on through a Hardcoat process if I’m not mistaken, and Spencer Berry does a fantastic job of explaining it.

[quote=Spencer Berry]The hardcoat means it can take a lot more abuse – but it can be scuffed a lot easier.
The day of receiving both of my throws, I managed to scuff my @ on a rough carpet. It took a layer of color off one half, revealing purple underneath the gold, and left a line that could not be felt whatsoever on the other half. These babies will take a beating.

STAX Axle System:
The new axle system is a fresh change and I am glad they are taking the jump. Similar to OD Side effects, one cannot simply unscrew the yoyo entirely without removing the black caps and handling the actual axle system. My Silly Goose came loose (honestly the word I thought of, no rhyming intended), but once it was I could not get it to come apart any further without removing the caps. I did manage to fix a fair bit of vibe by simply unscrewing it and retightening it without removing the caps, and it may be an advantage to the system. I am excited to see where they take it.

UPDATE: The STAX system seems quite interesting. To inform a bit more: the black nubs on both halves have the parts that hold the axle in place. I had a slight issue with my Silly Goose after unscrewing it a few times. I do believe the black nubs have spurs on them as well which allow for more grip to the surface. However, there seemed to be a bit of finish stripped from where the spur would meet the aluminum of the yoyo.

Compare & Contrast:

-Both middle of the road
-The @ felt a smidge faster
-The Silly Goose felt more stable (I am prone to liking H-shapes)

Seriously though, with their weights being so so so close together, they are very similar and the change in feel only comes from the shape of the catch zone itself and the minute differences in weight distribution/feel.
Left: @ Right: Silly Goose
Top: Silly Goose Bottom: @
Accompanied by the container each of them come in

Tell me what you think of the reviews! As I mentioned at the beginning, I may add a few side-by-sides so you can see how similar these throws are. Also, I wouldn’t mind doing some on the fly comparisons if you have a throw. Feel free to ask on this front and I’ll happily post a list of throws I have at my disposal.

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(SR) #2

Fantastic review.

Thank you for not giving us a “ths iz the best yoyo evar i like it cuz it plays really good heres some specs and ya thats my review” kind of review. haha

You compared them well! Can’t wait to try out my new @!


Really great comparison. I have had my sine// saw for a little while, and the stax system has not come out yet even after being taken apart a few times.


How do you know? The integrity of a yoyo usually lies in the details, this might being one of them. Have you tried something like a proto without these steps?


Thanks! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Yeah, I may need to check out this whole STAX system a bit more next time I need to do maintenance. How does the Sine//Saw play for ya? Hopefully it comes out in the wonderful Purple/Gold Paisley! ;D

Well, you certainly do not feel any of the steps on a sloppy hit. And, as I mentioned in the review, such cuts to weight are typically found in the cup. Based on those two points and since these steps are so so small, I do not believe it is any better (or any different) than if this weight was simply trimmed from the inside instead of the outside.

Let’s take a quick look at the Arctic Circle:

Take a look at the slight trim that separates the rims from the inner cup. Would one really notice if that was instead taken from the inside and you wouldn’t see it in the catch zone? Same weight, just in the slightest of different ways.

I am curious though: Do you believe it could be a significant design choice? In this market, do you believe that cosmetics are just as important as the design itself?

I truly appreciate the criticism :slight_smile:

(SR) #6

Last night I was gonna tell you something but I forgot what it was… I remembered this morning: Do you have comparison pics? I’d be really interested in seeing those.


ArchersAxe: It’s not that the way it may affect string hits. It’s more that weight can be removed from one spot and added at another spot. If those steps wasn’t there, and the wall was straight, it would contain more weight, ie more center weight -> changing the play of the yoyo. As for the cuts on the AC rim, i think they’re there because the profile of the AC was taken off the Avalanche. And no, such a small cut as you pointed out may not make any noticeable difference in play, though if you take that small amount of shaven metal and place it elsewhere on the yoyo, then i think it will start affecting play :wink: I’m basicly saying that the cuts wouldn’t be there if they could be skipped to cut manufacturing costs and time CAD-designing.


Added! Because you so kindly asked. :slight_smile: I do apologize that they aren’t that great. Straight from my phone; didn’t feel like grabbing one of my friend’s cameras and dealing with all the mumbo jumbo. Just noticed I forgot about the width comparison. I actually had to put the two side by side to guesstimate the width and diameter for the Silly Goose.

You have a good point with manufacturing costs. I did not think of that!


Where can I buy the Silly Goose?


Mods please don’t delete LOL. YYE should be getting some soon.


Bump: Updated the STAX description and experience