RecRev "STAX" axle system?

(CaribouNick) #1

Okay, so I got this RecRev in a trade.

I cannot take the two halves apart.
How does this axle system work? Trifecta bearing or whatever is garbage so I need to change it.


I think it works sort of like Side Effects, but it isn’t really meant for the customization, more so for the stripped axle aspect. When the axle strips, you can just put in a new pair of STAX, just like SE’s. I don’t know why it isn’t unscrewing, I’ve never had that problem with the STAX axle system. Hopefully someone who knows what’s going on will chime in.


It is similar idea to Side effects


Just twist it apart like any other yoyo.

BTW, the bearing is a Buddha Ripple. Clean it, it should be fine.

Regarding the STAX:
At the moment, it’s just a pressed in user-replaceable axle system. You will have to bang it out like you would with a FHZ cap. This comes from RecRev itself. While it has the potential to be like Side Effects via different shapes and weighting, it doesn’t appear RecRev is really interested in pursuing that kind of approach to the STAX system. This information came from RecRev itself at BAC, since I did specifically ask those questions: Can they be removed and any plans for different shapes and weights so as to tweak with weighting like with Side Effects.

If they aren’t unscrewing, it could be the halves are very tight to the bearing, or the axle system is stripped.


pull apart on the yoyo half’s while you unscrew it.


When I got mine, it was really, really tight. If your yoyo is like mine, then it will unscrew, but it takes way more force than it feels like it should. It should come apart though.

From what I’ve heard when I asked about why my Sine//Saw was so hard to unscrew, the problem with unscrewing it comes from a tight bearing seat, not the Stax. So changing the bearing to one that might fit better might help too, but what bearing that would be, I don’t know.

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Thanks guys.

It was just the bearing that was much too tight for the seat.
Seems like it was pretty close to causing some bearing post galling.

I absolutely hate these KK bearings with the little groove in the middle (trifecta, bhudda, crucial v2)
Because they are snagging nightmares.


I wouldn’t say so. A more accurate comparison would be with M1s, Project 2s, Dingos and MarkMont Next. These all have a press fit nut which can be replaced but was not intended as a user modifiable system like Side Effects.