Sine//Saw Tightning


Well, I just got my Sine//Saw, and the thing plays fantastically. One problem though, when you unscrew it, it feels way, way too tight, and it takes a whole lot of strength to take apart. And when you have to screw it back together, it takes so much force and it becomes really hard to turn anymore when there’s still a gap in between one half and the bearing. It almost feels like it’s being cross threaded because it’s so hard, but it’s not. I was just wondering what’s up with this. I’ve never had any yoyo that’s this hard to screw together or unscrew. Is this normal? Is it just this yoyo? For any people who also have it, does this happen to you too? I’m just wondering if there’s a way to fix it, because it definitely doesn’t seem like it should be like that.


I hear that there have been tightening problems with the STAX…


Im having a bit of trouble with mine too. i thought you could take the axle and ends off and ajust them like one drop side effects. cause mine vibes a bit more then i care for. i dont mind some but its a bit rough.


I really wish some body would post some help on this subject cause im getting more and more disspleased with what should be a great yoyo but this axel setup is killing it for me


The bearing seats on the Sine/Saw are tight we have noticed. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with the STAX - as it is the bearing hitting the bearing seat that is tight and not the axle…

If you have other bearings to try you might find one bearing will fit in better then another too as bearings will vary a ton, etc.

On the STAX as an axle system - these really should not be compared to Side Effects. The idea with STAX is that you can replace the axle if need be (when a yo-yo strips, etc). But as it is difficult to physically get them in and out we generally only recommend replacing the STAX when it is necessary. If you want to change out axles and change weights Side Effects are definitely the way to go.


Have you found a certain bearing that is a better fit?


all I did was wait for the bearing seat to gall worked out for me


This. Also, is there somewhere where it says how to remove them, just out of curiosity? I haven’t been able to figure out how, even though I now hear I shouldn’t. I would just like to know for when the time comes that I might need to.


I just put my axle in then put multitool in axle thenpush it on a hard surface till it comes out


I don’t think I understand… Like the way you pop the axle and caps out of a YYF ONE? But then where does the multi-tool come in…?



I don’t think I understand… Like the way you pop the axle and caps out of a YYF ONE? But then where does the multi-tool come in…?
I just used it so I wont damge the hard surface and the axle (not even sure if ti helps the axle)