So, how is the Sine//Saw compared to let’s say a Catalyst? I’m assuming it’s pretty good, I’m just wondering how it is compared to one of my favorite throws.


Okay, maybe that comparison isn’t good to ask for… How about compared to an Avant Garde? In fact, just how is it in general? How does it play? I’m just looking for some kind of opinion on it.


Stable! Good spin times, a bit floaty maybe? It is really good!


Thanks for the answer! I’m expecting some good things from it then. :smiley:


Ive had mine a week, its could be a great yoyo. the feel of it is totaly differnt from a lyst. lysts seem to unwind more gradually were as the sin saw hits the bottom of the string with authority. and spins like a maniac and feels nice on the string. but myself and a few others are having trouble with this stax axel system. for one thing i have no clue how to remove them. and its screws and unsrews really hard like its being cross threaded but its not. also mine vibes a bit more then i like. generally a little bit doesnt bother me, but the amount this yoyo has takes away from the quality of play in my opinion.


I just got mine a few days ago. I’m also having trouble with the STAXs, and the tightening. I know exactly what you mean. Mine has no vibe though, so I don’t really know what you’re talking about there. But it does definitely seem like there’s some kind of issue with the STAX system.



No, I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to be similar. Removable, etc. I think they’re supposed to have the same concept, but there seems to be a problem with them.


Ok well i wounder how we go about contacting the company then im gettin on that