Tried to take the bearing out of Sine//Saw...

I was trying to take the bearing out of my Sine//Saw, but am having some issues. First of all, the sides were so incredibly tight that it took quite a bit of torque to get them apart. Once apart, the bearing is stuck inside. I tried putting it in the freezer and I have a YYF tool to try to get it out. I worked at it for hours. So, that’s problem one.

Now, problem two is, after I gave up on getting the bearing out, I decided to just put it back together. This yoyo was as smooth as possible before… no longer. Any suggestions on either problem?

It’s not smooth now because the bearing is partially off one side. And it won’t come loose because the bearing seat has a death grip on the bearing. Have an adult help you, apply pressure to one side, then the other. Rock it back and forth. Then rock it back of forth on the opposite axis. Don’t just try to pry it in one direction.

I am an adult, and a pretty strong one at that… I’ve done the rock side to side thing for hours. I know better than to just try to yank it out.

… and as far as the bearing being off one side now, I screwed it back as tight as possible. Is this yoyo ruined now? Just because I needed to clean the bearing?

The exact thing happened to me. I sprayed some wd40 after the freezer for 15 mins, wiggled for 10 mins, threw it back in freezer for 15mins, and repeated over and over

Use pliers or vice grips

Try taking out the stax and then trying. To take them out, push the axle on a hard surface, just like you’d do to take a Duncan cap out. I don’t have any RecRevs with stax, but it won’t hurt trying. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the input! That seemed to do the trick. Now to figure out what I need to do to get it back together so that it’s smooth again :confused:

Squeeze hard on the bearing then rock it back and forth. It will ruin the bearing but I’ve got one for you when you stop over.

After you get it out, take some sand paper to the bearing post. Just lightly though.

Great! Try switching the stax orientation around. On the side that had the stax with the axle, put the stax without the axle and vice versa.

Sorry! I had must have mixed part of something else I read with your post to make me think you said something referencing recess tomorrow… I’ve been sick and sleep deprived for about a week or so; once again sorry about that!