YYF 2012 Velocity (New) First Impressions

It’s been a while since I picked up any new yoyos (shame, shame…last throw I picked up was actually during the summer months) and decided it was time to try something new. Doing some Xmas shopping for my nieces at Toys R Us, I just had to see what yoyos they had besides the usual. Sure enough, they began stocking the New YYF Velocities! Personally, I think this is the yoyo any physical store should stock.

Looking at the specs here before making my purchase, I wasn’t holding my breath…I usually like a little meat to my yoyos and while I liked the original Velocity, it was too light for me to do anything serious. Still a fun throw but it sits more than it spins :slight_smile:

The new YYF is made of the same material as the One and the One Star, the celcon-like plastic. This gives a little more density to the plastic and it also eliminates the hollow ‘bop’ sounds it makes when catching. Other improvements were the width, and the dials. The new dials have little nubs on them making it easier for me to grip and turn. On the original model, there were no nubs, no grip. Somehow one of my knobs had gotten ‘stuck’ and I actually had to stick a finishing nail in a couple holes to give me something to turn.

Stability-wise, the New Velocity eats the original for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I think the width of it helps as well as its weight. It is also pretty smooth, very minimal to almost no vibe. For a $15 plastic, I’m impressed! Since it is still light (62 grams?) it moves pretty quick!

Only complaint which is minor in my book but for a beginner, could be a make it or break it deal is the bearing. I found out that the shields on mine were crunched inward, affecting spin time and causing minor snags/being responsive even when set to unresponsive. I can always deshield the bearing and/or swap it with another but a beginner will most likely not figure out what’s going on when they’re ready to try unresponsive play.

In the end, this is probably the best beginner’s yoyo and a nice one to have in your collection. Don’t let the beginner-ish features turn you away though since it can handle advanced tricks pretty well too!