Yoyofactory New Velocity first impressions/review

 The other day I was in a town that's about 30-45 minutes away for me for a doctors appointment. Whenever, I go down there, I like to go check out the yoyos they have at the Toys R Us there because there isn't one closer to me, and it's just a sort of fun tradition. To my surprise, they had greatly upgraded their stock of Duncans and Yomegas, and also were carrying the Yoyofactory New Velocity. I decided to pick it up, as it was only 15 bucks and wanted to try one. I have been pleasantly surprised so far. I was very impressed by the packaging, it came in an easy to open box that included an extra string and very clear instructions on the basics of using and maintaining a yoyo. This is the kind of packaging that would greatly help a beginner to get started and not get frustrated. The yoyo itself actually quite smooth, only a little bit of vibe, nothing much really. It's fairly light, but still has a decent amount of weight. The New Velocity is VERY floaty, so much that when I do Eli Hops it feels like I'm doing them in slow motion. The spin times are pretty good, I can do most of my tricks with them. If you do run out of spin though, have no fear, for this yoyo binds very well at low speeds due to the A size bearing, and also regens very well, it's probably one of the best yoyos for regens that I've tried.The stability was... flexible. You needed to be a bit more precise and careful than normal, but if the yoyo tilts its quite easy to get it back on track. Surprisingly, it actually handled plane breaking tricks pretty decently, perhaps because it went with the motion of the string instead of against it, like a super stable might. It's definitely not as stable as something like a Chief or Genesis, but it's pretty good for a plastic. One thing to be aware of though is that you do need to be a bit more careful with your binds, as a size A bearing will bind much more tightly than a size C. I personally love this. Now, what makes this Velocity "new?" Well, they changed the material, and the profile used to be more of an H shape, but now it's more like an 888. Personally, I probably would have kept the old shape, to add a little more rim weight. In the end, this is a very fun yoyo that is quite a bang for your buck. I would definitely recommend it.


I love mine so far i have a few yoyos and the velocity is my favorite plastic


I used a friend’s old velocity, and i loved it! Yyf does really make great yoyos! (Imo)


Yes they do! I actually owned an old Velocity when I was just starting out, but I pretty much abused the snot out of it since I didn’t know any better. From what I can renember about the old, the old and new don’t play that much different, so if you liked the old you’d probably like the new.


Whats the difference between the old and new?


The old had a slightly different shape, the stepped part was raised more so it had more of an “H” shape, while the new seems a lot more like an 888. Also, the plastic used on the old was different, supposedly the new plastic is more durable with better spin dynamics. The old also had a textured surface, similar to a Grind Machine.


I picked up a new Velocity at my local Big 5 for $15. It’s definitely a great yoyo for the price and it plays awesome!


Speaking of Toys R Us, do they or any other store have yoyo string I can buy?


I believe they do, but it’s not very high quality and is super expensive. You’re better off buying some online (AKA, Yoyoexpert ;D).


I like the new velocity its pretty nice its good unresponsive


So yesterday I ordered a velocity and it will be my first yoyo.Well,Im not an absolute beginner I know how to play unresponsive because a friend let me borrow his grind machine for a while.Anything I should know?Im really excited I think this yoyo is gonna be awesome!


The Velocity will probably bind tighter and more readily than the Grind Machine, due to the A size bearing and smaller gap. Also, the dial takes a bit of figuring out to fully understand, but once you do it’s a great tool. I can’t say much more than that, as I haven’t used the Grind Machine much (Only once at a contest). I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Velocity though, it’s a great yoyo. Happy throwing!