The "New" YoYoFactory Velocity - Story/review


-The “New” YoYoFactory Velocity-

I’m going to spare you the cheesy introduction and jump right into this. The other day I was at my local Toys ‘R’ Us store, and I decided to check on the Yo-Yo display. For those of you who have never seen one of these, it’s just a selection of various Yo-Yos hanging on the side of an aisle near the front of the store. They have Duncan Imperials, Butterflies, Freehands, and all the entry-level Yomegas. They even have some impressive stuff, such as the Duncan Drifter (20$), Yomega Hyper Warp Heavy Wing (25$), and the Yomega Maverick (30$). And I guess people buy them, because they’ve been around for a while and often get re-stocked. But what I never expected to see on the shelf was this:

My jaw nearly hit the floor. I never thought I’d see a YoYoFactory Yo-Yo in the Toys ‘R’ Us. But there it was, sitting in it’s flashy packaging, looming over the expensive Duncan and Yomega Yo-Yos with it’s 15$ price tag.

Of course, I had to get it. At that point I had never actually thrown a YYF Yo-Yo before. I started Yo-Yoing with a Duncan, upgraded to YoYoJam, and then finally started throwing CLYW. Never at any point had I thought to purchase a YYF Yo-Yo. So after all this time, I finally get one for just fifteen bucks, with no shipping charges.

This is actually YYF’s “New” Velocity, which has several upgraded features, such as silicone response instead of starburst. Sounds good to me.

So I bring it home, take it out of the package, and throw it. Interestingly, the cotton string has been pre-cut to the correct length for a ten year old. Thankfully, YYF was nice enough to include a full-length polyester green string. I swapped the strings, tied it to my finger and threw a trapeze. So far, the weight and size felt great. I did some basic string tricks, and the response did not hesitate to bring the Yo-Yo back with a slight tug. Very nice.

For those of you who don’t know, the Velocity has a dial on each side of the Yo-Yo. These dials control how much gap width you have by moving the response closer, or farther away from the string. Straight out of the box, the response is pretty choked up on the string, and it makes for beginner-level snappy response.

But YYF claims that with a few twists of each dial, the Yo-Yo becomes dead unresponsive. I was naturally skeptical, as this seemed like an awfully good deal for fifteen bucks. So I twist the dials, and the gap is now noticeably wider, as the response is now completely recessed in the Yo-Yo halves.

So I throw it again and show no mercy. I immediately attempted my most technical, lengthy combo right off the bat. I was shocked when the Yo-Yo glided through the whole trick smoothly and then made a tight bind back to my hand. Wow.

It didn’t feel like a 100$ metal Yo-Yo, but dang. You could win a competition with this thing. Maybe I just threw a really good sleeper or something, but that was nuts. I continued to test it out, and I already really liked this Yo-Yo. The plastic feels good, the shape is smooth, and it has some real weight to it. The Velocity has really grown on me in just a few days! The bearing was already dry, and I put some thin lube in it to quiet it down, but that’s no big deal.

In conclusion, this Yo-Yo is brilliant. No, it does not feel incredible. However, it out-performs all the other Yo-Yos in the Toys ‘R’ Us, and I find it quite easy to land all my tricks on it with a good throw. Heck, it can even grind a little bit. All in all, I love it.

Also, the Velocity may be intended as a “Beginner Yo-Yo”, but I’ve discovered it’s perfect for taking out into public. It’s cheap, so it doesn’t matter if you loose it. It’s unresponsive and long-spinning, so you can still practice your favorite tricks. And best of all, it’s a plastic Yo-Yo that can be instantly switched to “tug responsive”, so you can actually walk the blasted dog when someone asks you.

I can finally stop explaining to people why you can’t walk the dog with a CLYW Avalanche.


Diameter: 2.20"
Width: 1.41"
Weight: 62.4 grams
Response: Silicone
Bearing Size: Size A


I believe Jensen Kimmitt actually used a Velocity in the Prelims of one of the events he entered, so yeah, it is possible to do some crazy stuff with this yoyo.


Really? I’m not surprised actually.

And sorry if there were some errors when you read this, I accidentally posted it before I was finished -__-


Jensen is a boss.


Heck, he probably did that with the old Velocity. I’m not sure how long the new one has been around, but it’s supposed to be better.


that is the old velocity… that video is wayy too old for it to be the new velocity. So aka hes boss. I’d like to try one of these someday. Cheap yoyos always intrigue me.


My friend recently got a new velocity (I’m trying to get some friends into yoyoing :)) and it plays awesome! I might get one if I get the chance.


Thanks for the replies, guys. But did anyone actually like the review? Just curious. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! Yes, I loved the review. It was very well done and genuinely left me waiting for Toys 'R Us to open at 10 AM this morning. I will be cruising down to the toy store today and attempting to pick up a Velocity there. Thanks for the review!


Any clue as to what the diff is between the old and new versions? If I remember correctly the dial has the larger nubs on it to make it easier to turn, but is there anything else? And if either is better then the other? Newer is suppose to be better then old, but sometimes older is better then newer. Plus I like the dark clear blue/green design, rather then the new baby blue/white… But if the newer one is much better theres always the black/blue! JR


I think the old one had FAST (adjustable starburst) response.


The old one snagged a lot and had pretty bad response. Get the new.


is there more then two versions? Cause the one I saw looks to be a smooth washer, not a starburst, but I’m guessing cause I have not the slightest clue! I found a link that showes the one I was looking at inside and out, this is the link, I’m not ordering from here it’s just to show the item to give you a look at it, any info would be great! Thanks,  JR


Yet I also found this one, but I can’t figure out how this is adjustable? JR never mind, it’s not even the real thing


According to this retro-approved (but no longer official, I wouldn’t think) YYE link, the previous one is adjustable starburst:


There’s got to be four diff stages, cause the newest is only in a dull finish with the best response system, the one before that one is in a kinda see threw plastic with a what looks to be the same response, and then before that a starburst? If you look at the one post I put up, the one link says thread generation. I really like that clear blue, but how do you tell what response system it has if it doesn’t say it? JR


If you go here, you can find this paragraph in the Velocity’s description:

“The material has been changed to a new stronger and denser plastic gives much better spin quality and momentum. The shape of the Velocity has been updated to be slightly wider, smoother/rounder, and more comfortable in the hand.”

So when you take into account the new dial system and response, it really is a new Yo-Yo all together. They didn’t just tweak the Velocity, the re-designed it. And they did a good job if you ask me :wink:


New Velocity:

Old Velocity:


No linking to other stores. Andre’s trying to run a business here.


Sorry, didn’t know it was from another store . . . I just found the picture on Google images (I don’t have any old Velocitys to photograph).

However, I don’t see why people would shop somewhere else. YYE has the best prices, service, and shipping combined :slight_smile: