YYF Yuuksta Review

I was excited to get my New YYF Yuuksta. I heard they Play Great! I got the New Green Acid Wash Edition. I loved the Color, heard the Yoyo was Awesome! I couldn’t Wait to Open it up and Play with it!

First Throws:
When I opened the Yoyo, It looked Awesome! The Green Wash looks Amazing in looks! I put some Yellow String on it, and Was Ready to Throw it! First Throw was Exciting. I noticed it was kind of Wabbly, but then It got a lot better. It was Extremely Smooth (Like 888 or 44 Smooth… That Smooth!) and it was Great! At first it was a little Unstable. Im not gonna lie, it didn’t sleep that long the first few minutes I played with it. But, It got to sleep longer after like 20 minutes I played with it.

The Play is pretty Unique. It plays a lot like the YYF 44. It has the Same Amount of Smoothness, and it sometimes snaps up during advanced string tricks. I thought it would just be a little smaller then the Genesis, but its actually a lot smaller. Like, Tiny. But, It plays good. It sleeps for about 2.5 Minutes. Its Smooth, Sleeps okay… not the most stable yoyo i have to say. Its mostly stable though.

-So Smooth
-Sleeps 2.5 Minutes
-Mostly Stable

-Snaps back during Complex String Tricks

I can honestly say that this is a Very Good Yoyo. Not the Best. But for $65, Its Great! It is Extremely Smooth. It sleeps for about 2.5 Minutes. It can sometimes not be that stable, the Genesis is More Stable. Its probably because this is a lot smaller then the Genesis. But, This is a Great Yoyo. I would Reccomend this Yoyo, although it does snap back during Complex String Tricks.
Thanks for Reading! :wink:
-Cody Wright!

Good review but my yuuksta seems to play a lot better than you said in your review but whatever nice review

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Good Review i have a question, did it come with the spec bearing or center trac?


Thanks Guys! Nut, Actually, The Second Run of Yuukstas came with a Spec Bearing. I got the Yuuksta with the Spec Bearing. :wink:

Nice review, but the spin time is morally up to how the play throws the yoyo. I think that the sleep time part should be removed only because it is a dependent variable due to the players throw.