yoyo factory speed dial review - my first review

EDIT: For those of you looking at this review and writing your own… there is an example I left that you should NOT follow… the rating system: X/10 rating systems are subjective and dont provide and real information to people seeking the worth of the reviewed product… readers dont want to know if you think its good, they want to know why its good (or bad).

Yoyo factory speed dial review

Currently ( march 19, 2011) I have a Duncan butterfly, and dragonfly … A yomega power brain… A yoyojam Dark Magic… A yoyo factory speed dial, and Grind Machine. I am learning late expert to mid master tricks according to Andre’s tutorials.

Since late spring 2009 I had been only doing tricks found in the intermediate section of Andre’s tutorials, using a Duncan dragonfly. I was not actively learning new tricks or fine tuning techniques. A year later, early summer 2010, I decided to step it up and bought my first decent yoyo… The YYF Speed dial. Silver body, black rings

the pix are not mine… i dont have a reliable camera…

Diameter - approx 2.25 inches
Width- almost 1.5 inches
Gap- adjustable
Mass- 64 grams
Bearing size A
Response- adjustable starbursts
Price- $39.99

First impression
I had ordered from amazon.com and was very excited to get the package in the mail. Upon opening I had received the yoyo and a complimentary package of ■■■■■■■ string. Taking the yoyo out of the YYF package was a fun experience. Being a primarily metal yoyo I felt like I was entering the professional yoyo league.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out how to adjust the response to exactly what I wanted, which is a feature that played an important role in increasing my skill. It had a vastly superior sleeping capability over my previous dragonfly and I found it easier to throw a straight sleeper/ breakaway. It’s stability is pretty good but would likely be a challenge coming from a DM or PGM. the grinding capabilities are not great… Palm grinds will fail because of the plastic rims and will simply roll off your hand, finger grinds will be similar because the metal finish is sticky and not favorable. Thumb grinds won’t be good either, the adjustable dial gets in the way. String tricks are good so long as you keep a straight throw. Suicides, whips, and slacks are good too I have no problems.

This also happens to be one of my favorites for 5a… It plays pretty quickly and handles pretty stably.

The verdict

Appearance - 9/10
Personally, I would appreciate a little wider, but the thinness makes it a comfortable pocket yoyo. I also love how it gradually curves in the gap rather than having an edge.

Playability- 7/10
It’s great for whips, slacks, and suicides, and also string tricks. Stability is decent, adjustable response on steroids is a nice feature, sleep time is pretty good:
Three trials- 50.7, 55.3, 54.2 seconds each returned to my hand with a tight bind. Grind performance is terrible, but it’s not designed to. This yoyo does not ding easily.

Price 7/10
It’s a relatively cheap metal throw, but you get what you pay for… 100 gets an 888, 40 gets a speed dial, it’s an enjoyable throw and is great for impressing kids at a park or customers in a store, however for half the price you could have a velocity with similar play, or just a tad less a protostar, geared towards more advanced play… And now the popstar, not to mention what other companies have to offer.

Overall- 7.7/10
This is a great throw for an intermediate ready to move on to more advanced tricks, however probably isn’t the yoyo of choice for a competition performance. Not to say you can’t. For $40 this is a yoyo you can enjoy no matter your skill, it will handle it all ( well… Except grinds)

this is my first review … tell me how i did.

This review is another one of the best yet reviews. You got some pics but next time show the guts. I know you don’t have a good camera but you described it pretty well here even without pictures. A great review! :smiley:

Thanx for the feedback… I’ll remember your advice for my next review which I plan on in a few days/ weeks ;D