YYF Speed Dial vs. Velocity

I have a velocity I picked up at a local store. It is a neat yoyo that let’s me quickly change between responsive and unresponsive play. For unresponsive play, it is not great (compared to my metal yoyos) - but good enough for me to practice my fundamentals (various mounts and shorter tricks). Being plastic and cheap, i don’t mind carrying/traveling with it and am not upset if it gets scratched or dinged.

My question, has anyone used the YYF speed dial, which seems to do the same thing (going between responsive and unresponsive)? Does it perform (speed, stability) significantly better than the velocity - or does it seem to be pretty much the same?


About the same…it does depend on which response shuttles you use in the speed dial though.
Neither one is going to perform as well as a metal that is designed solely for unresponsive play.

Thats the first yoyo I bought.Had a really cheap ebay yo,but thats the first decent throw I had.
As far as the responsiveness its never going to be non.
Great yoyo tho(velocity).

I’m new at 46,used to play when I was in grade school,won a couple contests,but just picked it up about a year ago.And we were playing fixed axle.

i have actually found my velocity is pretty non-responsive when i need it to be (very occasionally it comes back unexpectedly). My main issue with it is that it is not very stable - it goes way out of alignment during any moderately long trick. It also doesn’t spin as long. I would say that my metal throws (horizon and shu-ta) are easily 3x better.

But, i often want to relax and yo one handed, so going responsive is nice. And like i said, it is perfectly good for practicing tricky mounts like double or nothing or split bottom. it is also small, easy to carry around, comfortable, and i am not concerned about it getting knocked around. So it is great for what it is - but not what i use when i really want to practice.

It is good to know that the Speed-Dial yoyo isn’t really any better - i won’t waste my $$ on it.

I like responsive.It is fun to throw one handed,when I have a beer in the other(I’m of age and dont encourage drinking). :wink: