Velocity vs. Speed Dial

I’ve been itching to get a responsive yo-yo for a while now, but I don’t want to clean bearings/change response to switch from responsive and unresponsive. I also want a cheap one so I can teach tricks to newbies if I ever need to.

So my question is: Does the quality of the Speed Dial justify its price? Or is the Velocity a better deal?

The Velo would be a better choice since you are also going to use it to teach starters, starters with metal isnt a good idea.

actually speed dial has plastic rims.

I heard the new velocity is pretty great

I own both … The speed dial comes with true starbursts and the velocity comes with a friction pad… Both moveable to adjust to the response that you need… If your in a crunch for money the velocity will do just fine… I like to play with metal yoyos though (accept the PGM)

You would be justified to buy either

I wanted to have one just in case I have to teach. I’m in the market for a F.A.S.T. yo-yo mainly to play responsive when I want to.

Anyway, here’s another question: What about the 401 SD? Is there a specific reason why its twice the price of a Speed Dial?