yoyofactory speed dial aluminium or duncan metal zero ?


I want to buy a yoyo. Which one do you recommend? I am not a pro and nor do i want to become one. Its just for fun.

Thank you!


Speed Dial Version 3


speed dial for sure


ok have had booth i got the metal zero over christmas but listen to this get the limited edition it plays responsive and sleeps fairly well the axel actually strippped and the people over at duncan sent me a new one, on the other hand the speed dial ids good also just pick what you like


If it’s just for fun, why do you want a metal one?


The speed dial plays better and it is versatile so it can be used by beginners or advanced players

(Justin the JeeJaw) #7

have you ever thought about protostar or counter attack?


speed dial is the best choice becouse you don’t have to buy stickers for response and it is good for beginners to the advanced players becouse it had that dial where you set the level of responsiveness:D


speed dial totaly. you can change the response whenever. plus if you want to you can take out the starbursts and put in some other response. i put in k-pads and a kk. its awsome.


the speed dial is more for someone who wants to get more into yoyoing but the duncan metal zero is good just for fun


Neither. I would get a Lyn Fury, Journey to if you want a metal yoyo the dingo. in your position.

(laxdude99) #12

i prefer the metal zero because it can be responsive with friction stickers and unresponsive with duncan silicone stickers and thin lube you also get 3 free counter weights


Guys stop commenting about other yoyos! He said he was looking at a Metal Zero and a Speed Dial!

You don’t have to be a serious yoyoer to get a metal. It’s not like it’s not worth if your not going to try to be a pro.