Duncan Metal Zero

What is the Duncan Metal Zero like?(might buy it)

Not good enough for its price in my opinion.

Why? ???

cuz it sucks… duh. ;D

just get a lyn fury. it will do anything you need it to

Ignore them, look at the specs of the Metal Zero, if it looks like you might like it, get it, so what the response might be those crappy friction stickers, or the bearing might come responsive. You can maintain it to make it your own. Throw in an extra $5 onto your order and pick up a Duncan Sili Sticker pack so if it comes with the regular Duncan friction stickers you have something good to replace them with. If you want the bearing to be less responsive, clean it. Sure there might be other throws out there that other people would tell you to get, but that wasn’t the question you asked. I don’t own one, but I’d love to try one. My advice, buy it, if you don’t like it, B/S/T it, you wont know for sure if you like it, love it, or hate it until you give it a shot, who cares what others think.

For the price of the metal zero there is no reason to work through the hassles it will cause you. You can get a silicone-able metal rimmed yoyojam or even a Yomega Maverick or Dash. You can of course do what Darkone said because keeping an open mind is nice, but I do not believe its possible to find a yoyo for 40 dollars that will not out perform Metal Zero.

I think he’s just after a cheap metal yoyo, because we have this impression: metal = quality.

I can tell you my opinion, based on reviews and statistics that I’ve read (which may or may not be true) and I hope that this helps.
It comes in 2 versions, version 2 has a bigger gap with silicone recess sticker response (which should be less responsive, and I would never buy version 1 for a friend).
Word on the street says that version 2 has a 3.45mm gap and plays responsively, so you shouldn’t need a bind to get it to return to your hand.
Many intermediate/advanced players might prefer unresponsive because certain tricks require string slack, which would not be possible with a responsive yoyo (and unresponsive sleeps a little bit longer).
The metal zero has full/over-sized diameter (58mm), weight (66g), and a narrow width (37mm), so it may be harder to land on the string than other yoyo options.
For beginners, a metal yoyo will dent or chip if you hit something, and it will wobble and lose spin time from any significant damage.

A few options that you have are (plastics with gap > 4mm) yoyofactory protostar, yoyojam lyn fury, (metal) yomega dash

The dash is for if you MUST have a metal yoyo, because it’s cheaper and has a slightly wider gap (4mm), so it’s less responsive. (you may want to pour silicone into the slot to replace the rubber response pad, so that it sticks out less and gives you less response)

everyone recommends protostar… so even though I’ve never tried protostar, i’ll recommend it too (lol)
lyn fury would need some shims (dont need shims with a flat bearing) to center the bearing if you get a non-flat bearing, and definitely pour some silicone into the slot to replace the rubber response pads (which stick out and make lyn responsive), but once that’s done, it’s decent plastic yoyo, less responsive than the dash. It’s made of a special plastic that’s supposed to be very strong against impacts.

However, neither lyn fury nor dash are as nice as my yoyofactory yuuksta, which is more stable, sleeps longer, feels smoother, and has acid wash colors. If you are looking for a great quality yoyo, I recommend at least considering yuuksta.

You dont need a responsive yoyo for string slack, you need it for bouncing the yoyo up onto the string without everything it touches making it decide to wind up.

I have metal zero I put one duncan sili pad in and broke in the bearing it now plays dead unresponsive and is one of. My favorite throws

To try out things like d4rqk0n3 says is good because it gives you experience with different types of yoyos but good reviews of other people give you hints, ideas of what a yoyo might feel in your hand because of their experiences.
In my honest opinion, I owned a Metal Zero as my first metal yoyo and after gaining experience through time and trying out other yoyos I agree with Mi 100% on this:

If you’re looking for an unresponsive yoyo this one is not it. Try the Grind Machine or Protostar (I own the Grind Machine) they are plastic, cheaper and will out perform a Metal Zero 10 times over. If all you want is metal get a Dv888, I think you can still get them at about $45 just $5 more than a Metal Zero and I haven’t read a review on it in which a person says he or she doesn’t love it. If you want a responsive yoyo I have even read that the plastic Freehand Zero is better and is cheaper than the Metal Zero. Don’t go get a Pocket Pro Zombie they’re crap.
If you still want to buy the Metal Zero try not to unscrew the yoyo too much, try to take out the knots without unscrewing. The reason for this is that eventually the axle will strip the threads of the yoyo making it unplayable. With other yoyos the axle will get stripped and you can fix it or buy another axle but this is not the case with the Metal Zero.

To answer your question properly:

  1. is very very responsive even with the wide spacers it will come back to your hand really hard
  2. the paint looks cool but it will come out
  3. you can make this yoyo unresponsive putting on the wide spacers cleaning the bearing and removing one friction sticker
  4. it unscrews when playing a lot which takes you to check often if the yoyo is loose
  5. which eventually when tightening every time over and over will slowly strip the treads off of the yoyo which will permanently damage it
  6. feels like a metal when playing
  7. its a beginner to intermediate yoyo
  8. you can get about 2 minutes of sleep time on it
  9. you can learn advanced tricks with it if you make it unresponsive
  10. friction stickers wear out quickly
  11. of course you can replace friction stickers with friction or silicone stickers


i can do slacks on a stock luminator

Thats good for you?

Every thing written here is 100% true

If anyone cares about my opinion, I LOVE my Duncan Metal Zero.

Just buy Small Bearing Kentaro Stickers for it. Available at www.yoyoguy.com.
Central Bearing Company Center Trac Bearing or Dif-e-Yo KonKave Bearing (A sized) can also really improve the play of this great yoyo.

Peace Out!


No they can’t. How many times must I explain that bearing shapes will not improve the play of your yoyo? lol

stop going on your bearing crusade…

a special bearing does not improve your play, it simply helps you. I have learned this today. I siliconed my meteor and I accidentally made them both super-flush. Normally, that would mean lindy loops would be snaggy, something I cannot stand. So, to keep the string from snagging, I threw a center trac in there until the silicone was broken in. Now I know you are going to say “All you need is a straight throw and to keep the strings parallel” Now, I DO have a straight throw. However, we are not perfect, occasionally the string does rub the response and we get snags. Imagine that in a competition setting, that’s -4 points for needing to restart a yoyo/get another one. The special bearing just helps for those times where you make a slight mistake. I agree that the konkave is not the way for begginers to get a straight throw, but it can help. In other words, if it sucked…would they make it?

Because of people like you. ~_~