Duncan Metal Zero

I know nothing about yo yos but my 11 year old love them. So he can do a ton of tricks and he has been using like $5 duncans. For xmas I thought I was buying him a decent yo yo, I purchased a Duncan Metal Zero, well he used it for about two hours and the darn thing flys apart, it looks like threaded area stripped , is this yo yo a piece of junk, did i just get a defective one, he is crushed, i tried for 3 hours to get it to stay together, just keeps flying apart. What would be a good yo yo to get him?

I had the same problem with the metal Zero’s. Personally I would either recommend a YoyoJam Legacy or a Yoyofactory Plastic Grind Machine. Both of these are reasonably priced and are great performers that will not fall apart in five minutes.

then I guess you either both got a defiective one or one of you got a Metal Zero1 which was horrible so they remade it (the way you can tell them apart is that on the old ones the name was on the bumb in the middle, the Metal Zero2 the one sold currently is very good I got mine yesterday and it did not fall apart in two hours or even one day. so either ytou got and old one or a defective one should be in the description for pictures of the old Metal Zero go to yoyowiki.

If you want to fix it, get some Locktite, threadlocker Blue, and apply it on the axle. After 24 hours, it should be good as new

Well, its hard to say what to get him if we dont know how good he is, but a great over all yoyo that will not fall apart is The Legacy. I recently got one and im teaching my friend to yoyo and he likes the legacy alot.


if he was using 5$ duncans then he might still be into responsive yoyos therefore i recomend any one-drop yoyo (mostly cause there stoc responsive and after a wile of playing the bearing will break in and enanle non-responsive play) I say you should get the 1st batch of the m1s at 1drop disign .com they say that they came out too rugh and they sell them 15$ cheeper then the later m1s, but my friend has both batch 1 and newer and they feel exactly the same to me

They are the same, they aren’t rougher. The only difference is that the 1st batch of M1’s were messed up on the Anodization, very slightly, so they decided that it wasnt One-Drop quality. They decided to sell them anyway, and called them Razzle M1’s.

Also…not to be mean…learn to spell, lol

If you can’t fix the Metal Freehand, I suggest getting a Lyn Fury or a Kickside. They are good and inexpensive. They can also grow with your son as he gets better. Both yoyos start out responsive (comes back with a tug), but with time or a drop of thin lube (and optionally some other modifications, such as cleaning the bearing or changing the response) they will be set for unresponsive play (only returns with a bind). The Lyn Fury and the Kickside will be able to do any trick your son throws at it and at a good price to pay.

Another choice besides the Lyn Fury or Kickside would be to get a Velocity. It will also be able to grow with your son, because it has adjustable response. That with an adjustment of a dial, the Velocity can be as responsive or unresponsive as fit for your son.

As for the other suggested yoyos…I think the Legacy and Plastic Grind Machine may be a little outside of your son’s playing range, because they are made to play unresponsive. Seeing as your son has been playing with $5 Duncan yoyos, he probably isn’t ready for them.

And One Drop yoyos are a little pricey, in my opinion, for your son, at this stage. One Drop yoyos also may go unresponsive before your son is ready for it. Although, once he gets really into yoyoing and is into more advanced tricks, you might want to consider a One Drop yoyo as I hear they are great.

I don’t understand why you say that, but you still recommended it to the OP…