Metal Zero 2

Hi guys, i was wondering what your review of the new upgraded version of the Duncan Metal Zero was. I’m an intermediate player and was thinking about getting it.

yes,it is a good yoyo but mine was the friction sticker was warering out to fast ps use the other spacers to make it a little more unresponsive

ok, thanks thats a lot of help ;D One more thing, hows its sleep time?

okay sleep times.

yeah i like mine. friction stickers do run out fast. but real smooth and alright sleep times

this is gonna sound really stupid, but i can’t seem to figure out how to put my spacers on. The yoyo won’t screw back together and i don’t know what order to put them in or how.

I dont know what it is but mine is EXTREMELY responive! I can do loops with it! I dont know what to do, it was a present so I cant really sell it.

Swap it out for a chaz pad or a thin dif or ipads. Also, clean the bearing.

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Once the friction stickers run out, what do u use for response? Can u use an o-ring in it?

To you a O-Ring, you have to make a recess.

As I said in my previous post, you can use thin dif pads, k-pads, chaz-pads, ipads, or silicone pads.

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I have the first zero, it has a great sleep time, and very good response. The problem is, the friction stickers wear out really fast, and you have to replace them alot.

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well its kindof a bad sleeper and is really responsive i dont know if that matters to u but its worse than my 14 dollar plastic lyn fury

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OMG, DON’T get a Metal Zero!!! It was my first yoyo and I was kind of disappointed when I came into the intermediate section. When I bought my Dark Magic, it was SO much better.

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Duncan metal 2 isnt bad but id prefer a hitman,convict, or dm
but i use my friend mini motu but im a fan of under size yoyos

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