metal zero?

Im thinking about gettinga metal zero and i just wanted to know the sleep time of it and how good it is.


The sleep time is a question asked all the time nowadays… It depends on your throw. How good it is, depends on how you play it.

Some people will say that a plastic zero will play better than the metal zero with a pad upgrade and a KK bearing. And some people say that any metal-rimmed YYJ will play better than the metal zero. However, if you are looking for an affordable metal yoyo the metal zero is probably the way to go. While it may not be as preferred as other metals, it’s a lot cheaper. I don’t know about the sleep time, but it’s not that great of a matter. It is not a bad yoyo and will probably work fine for a first metal.

well i wouldnt get one.
my friend let me borrow his and the axle snapped on my 2nd throw…
he made me pay with my upgraded P.G.M. >:( :’( :frowning:
but if you are looking for an affordable metal I would save $20 and get an m1

Was that the older Metal Zero? Because i herad that the first version had a problem with snapping axles, but the new version has a stronger axle. And if you have the money for it, there is no problem in buying an M1.

I agree with gm user, the metal zero’s are alright, but I would definitely recommend the M1 over it if you can get the extra bucks. I think most people would agree. The M1’s are incredible little yoyo’s. I easily get 4-5 minute sleep times with a cleaned KK.

on my m1 I actually get 4 min sleepers with a broken instock bearing!

DO NOT BUY IT. I will leave it at that. I hope you take my advice

It’s not worth it dude!
It may be a cheap metal, but you’re better off with a FHZ or a Legacy.
It’s sleep time is half of the M1, I don’t care who’s throwing it.

yup thats hard for me to say
but dont

I love my metal zero, as you can see in my pic. It is fairly balanced and comes with two sets of spacers so you can set it to the your likings. The only problem that i have found is that it is really responsive. even with wide spacers, I still had to take off one of my friction stickers.

tickle it

I never liked duncan…

me either

Duncan= poo-poo :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously you guys have not played modded FHZ’s. Also, have any of you seen Brandon Jackson’s stuff? He makes FHZ’s look like an extremely expensive metal.

FHZ’s are pretty good. METAL fhz are horrid!!! i had one and gave it to a kid for a quarter. They stink :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

mine sleeps for probably 20 seconds if i throw it hard enough but its very responsive and i dont really use it anymore :-*

same here

Ask Brandon Jackson :wink:

Didnt Tyler Severance use a FHZ to win Worlds 07 5a?

I beleive he did :wink: I like duncan for the simplicity. They dont have Hubstacks, “Internal Weighting” but they are just good classic yoyos.