New Yo-Yo

I’m looking for my metal yoyo, and I want an improvement over my PGM. Mostly I want long sleep times and smoothness. Maybe the most important thing though is value. Is an 888 worth it when I could get a Metal Zero for $40? What about an Axiom or an M1?

Ok, I will be samad “ is your awnser, but i am getting an m1 and i think it is a exelent choice. Also consider a g5, but i think that metal yoyos are worth it”
That was samad… not me… ;D

Wonderful Impression!

I like my Axiom more than my 888. Just Preference though. They are very similar, though the shape is a little different.

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT buy a Metal Zero, Its a complete and total waste of $40 in my opinion.