One, Whipe, Speed Dial, Velocity or FAST 201?

  which 1 should I buy considering I am quiet new at yoyoing?

I’ve got fast as my first yoyo to I learn quite fast with(form beginner to intermediate)
It’s one off the best choice if you ask me.

The fast 201 is a good first yoyo but some people don’t like the feel of the teeth. A yoyofactory one is good as a beginner as well and no teeth on the inside. It feels a little smoother.

For $2 more you can get a One that can also be responsive or unresponsive with a simple bearing swap. It plays amazingly for $10.

which 1 is better
One, Whipe, Speed Dial or Velocity or FAST 201?

i would defenitly go with the speed dial and velocity, two of my fav YYF right there.

can u tell me anything about them?
like what is different in each one
because the speed dial is about 5 dollars more expensive and its like 30% the price of the yoyo

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Speed dial and velocity are very nice yoyos to learn on.

Both yoyos have an adjustable response, which means by turning a few dials you can adjust how easily the yo returns to your hand. They both can be set to come back with a tug or with a bind. Some people like this as it allows you to play responsive and unresponsive. Others dislike this because they feel like they are always messing with the dials. The velocity is made of plastic and very durable but always seems a bit light. However, this yoyo has great potential. There are several videos of people doing amazing things with it. Speed dial is made of metal with plastic rims and is a bit heavier as I recall. The shape is different as well, I remember it being a bit more comfortable in the hand but it’s more expensive. I’ve used both to teach new players. Either one would probably work fine.

Definitely the Whipe…


My first unresponsive was a whip others I taught bought ones. After expanding our collections those with Ones hardly use them, although I still catch myself at times throwing my Whip and have had less issues with it. If you can perform an okay bind I say go with the whip. If responsive is what you want the One is easy to develop that skill. Hope I have helped.

I’m partial to YYJ. While I’d recommend the ONE with two bearings, I have to factor in the OP is from Israel and is gonna pay a ton in shipping.

So, I was going to say the YYJ Legacy II over the ONE with 2 bearings due to weight, as it’s heavier and can spin longer. But, then, I have to question my logic when shipping will me way up there.

This pushes me to the DM2, which is no secret is one of my all-time favorites. Like the Legacy II, it comes with 2 bearings. It’s very smooth, stable, durable, reliable, dependable, balanced and very well designed. At this kind of price, coupled with a bulk order of 100 YYE 100% poly strings, now it makes sense to pay for the international shipping at standard first class rates.

I can’t justify telling someone to buy an under $20 yoyo to pay over $20 in shipping to get it to where it needs to go. I try to get new people to save money, but here, I have to say that unless the OP can get it for a reasonable price with shipping, it would be better to spend way above what they originally planned for the reason of things making logical sense.

Again, normally I recommend the YYF ONE or the YYJ Legacy II, but in this case, I’m recommending a bigger jump because it doesn’t make sense to go cheap on the yoyo and pay a premium on the shipping.

i think the post i have last posted was deleted or something,
what i wanted to ask before was what the pros and cons or aluminum yoyo and what the whats good and bad specific about speed dial

The speed dial is will scratch much more easily, get dings and may tarnish if you get a raw speed dial. In other words metal takes more care if you want to keep them looking new. Some people don’t care about the looks and just bang them around. I personally find some beaters to look pretty attractive as they have a lot of history. I enjoy nice prestine yoyos as well. However, in general metals have a special feel, usually spin quite well,(but many plastics do as well also). It’s really a preference that you need to discover for yourself.

It’s really kind of sad that it’s difficult to find yoyo suppliers that will ship to Israel for a reasonable price :’(.Have you considered looking in the bst for members that might be willing to ship to you? It may broaden your options.

It’s hard to say.

All metal yoyos tend to be very stable, but it’s expected due to pricing. Many are good for grinding. Many are NOT ideal for beginners but if you know how to bind, then that’s good enough to get you started with most metals as most metals are designed for unresponsive play.
Price They tend to cost more, but that’s not always true. YYJ has several plastic/metals that cost more than SOME of the lower cost(but not low performing) metals.
Caps, or rather a lack of caps, as most metal yoyos do no have caps.

In my opinion, the Speed Dial loses it’s charm and purpose once you can do something bast basics.

It’s ultimately up to you. If you’re looking to get started, maybe get an inexpensive plastic such as a ONE with 2 bearings, then maybe get a plastic/metal YYJ or look at a Duncan Maverick, the Shinwoo Zen series, the dv888 or any of the around $60 and below metals and buy all at once with some bulk strings. The ONE will get you started, then swap the bearing and learn to bind, then move to your “better yoyo” and start working hard!

I have the fast 201and I have learn the basics, now I have ordered the velocity,
What are bearings and what do they do, and does it good for the velocity?