How do you think the Hitman is. I’m going to get that or the Speeder. So I really want a review from someone that has one. 8). But I really don’t care how responsive either of them are. I have 2 bottles of thin lube. :smiley:

if you are trying to learn Chopsticks and Master Level tricks i’d say the hybrid hitman for tricks to land consistantly or you like smooth and speed the Speeder.

id personally go for the hitman if you are trying to get better or the speeder if you just want to yoyo with pure speed, overall for 1A I prefer the hitman, thats just my opinion, they are both great yoyos though

What are chopsticks? Can someone find a video?

Chopsticks is a style of play where you use your thumb into a mount, then doing all sorts of things…I can’t really explain it. If you want to see good chopstick tricks, look for Mark Montgomery on youtube

Okay, i have a hitman, but not a speeder. Just gonna review the hitman. lol im not sure if it was only my hitman, but when i first got it, i had a very bad impression on it. Out of the box, it was very VERY responsive. The stock bearing is soooooo badly lubricated, it took hours to break the lube. Also, my cap design was horrible. The paper wasn’t put straight like the pictures, it was folded, inside a plastic cap. The cap is extremely hard to remove, i cracked my cap while removing it. Btw, its bad for gyro flops XD So i’d say don’t get a hitman if you’re playing your yoyo stock. So i think i’d rather get a speeder lol.

EDIT: I can do gyro flops with the hitman now rofl, just not as easily as a dm.

rsmod123 has the wrong idea of the HM. Every YYJ yoyo is responsive out of the box, and it always takes time to break in. Also, The cao design was the shippins fault, and usually, i wont happen to you.

The caps are generally hard to remove, which is why you need to use a suction cup to remove it. Also, gyro flops arent based on the yoyo most of the time, but the yoyoer. My DM can spin for 5 minutes, but the most revolutions I can get is 2-3, so you can see, it isnt my DM, but its me.

Have Fun Thowing,


lols Samad, i know what you’re trying to say. But still, my dm took a few mins to break into out of the box o.0 and the dm is much better at flopping, because of the hybrid response, maybe hybrid hitman will be better lol?

My Hitman was responsive as all get out when I first took it out of the box, too.

A real quick glance into my gap told me why.

My o-rings, on both sides, weren’t “tucked” in all the way. Both sides had a big piece of the o-ring basically hanging out into the gap. A quick unscrew, press rings down, reassemble, and voila, it was playing just fine after that.

Interesting sidenote: I’ve seen a number of HMs still in the box come out the exact same way mine did. Might be something to check in the future. It also makes me wonder if they do this on purpose so the yo is actually more responsive than an experienced player would like for the benefit of folks who are just starting out, or just buying their first “pro” yo. It occurs to me that if this were the case, the sheer force of the string rubbing on the rings would eventually push them into place. A “breaking in” if you will. Can’t imagine this would take more than a few days, or hours, with a dedicated player. Wonder who we’d ask about this?

And the paper isn’t straight on mine, either. It’s almost as if the paper is just a little too big to fit into the side correctly. Mine are a little warped from this towards the middle, on both sides. I’d like to think the quality of the yo was the main concern, not the artwork, although mine wobbles in ways I can’t even describe. ;D

Edit: Hah! I’ve got a brand new boxed Lyn Fury here. EXACT same issue with the o-rings. Go figure.

i think (if u havnt ordered yet) u should get the hitman. it has great spin time (clocked 8 min with it) and a nice shape to it. its really good for grinds and the size of it helps alot with complicated string tricks. the one thing that i wish it had was a thumbgrind lip. other than that, awesome yoyo!!!