YoYoJam Hybrid Hitman Review

Ok, so for a while I have been looking at getting a better yoyo, an upgrade from my speedmaker. I weighed all my choices, from the legacy, to the meteor, to the M1, and just about every metal rimmed YYJ. I tried out my friends Lyn Fury and found out I REALLY liked the shape of it, but the double o-ring was still to responsive even with 2 thickest merc shims. So I got to lookin at the Hitman and I found out there was a Hybrid Hitman with hybrid response system! And I was so sold on the hybrid hitman from then on out, and I wondered how I would get one. But I got one from The Wizards Chest in Denver CO. So after having my HHM for a little under a week, I am pleased to give my opinion on this fine yoyo!

Diameter-2.13 inches
Width-1.59 inches
Response-Hybrid (O-ring on one side, starburst on the other)
Weight-65 grams

First Throw: Wow…it is so smooth on the string! and it spins so long, even on a bad throw! Its very easy to land on the string thanks to its wing shape. I see why its the legend of all yoyos!

Long Term: I threw it nonstop for like 4 days, BTW I threw my already broke in 10ball and .032 width merc shims in it right when I got it. I can officially finally do white buddha :smiley: and I can do finally a trick that I made up that I call Cement Mixer. Its truly a great yoyo, also, its AMAZING at grinds! And I love to grind so thats a really good thing! When I wear a cotton glove, itll do a back hand grind for like 5 seconds!

Overall Thoughts: This is a really great yoyo, good grinds, good string trick play, good everything! So I will give it a 10/10 because its just so great compared to my speedmaker which I never wrote a review on lol

I recommend it to anyone who wants a great playing yoyo for $40!

Nice review. :slight_smile: I have one too, until I messed it up. :stuck_out_tongue: It is a great yoyo. He said it all!

Nice review, I got to get one of these.