Review on YoYoJam Hitman

Every now and then, a player needs a good Yo-Yo in his/her life, to always be by his/her side, and a main player. Well, I found my favorite Yo-Yo, as my favorite player. It is, the Hitman. I always loved YoYoJam Yo-Yos, and they are a great, reliable, trustable company that is sure to bring the bang to any Yo-Yo performance, or player.

Specs and Information: This was Johnnie DelValle’s first signature Yo-Yo he has ever made. First was this, the Hitman. Then the Hybrid Hitman, after, then the Lyn Fury, and his most recent creation, the ever so-famous X-Con, then it turned out not so great, and then, a masterpiece: the X-ConVict. Back, and better than ever. The Hitman Yo-Yo was used to win Regionals, Nationals, and Worlds in 2003. Then, he won BAC 2003 with it, too. It is a very stable, balance efficient, and pure greatness of a Yo-Yo. It’s shape is a Butterfly/Wing shape, fitting comfortably in the hand, well, my hand, at least. It’s smooth metal weight rings are a perfect touch, and a beautiful finish to the Yo-Yo, completing every piece of it. It’s weight is weighing in at a perfect 64.90 grams. Not too heavy, nor too small. It’s width is good, at an amazing 40.30mm. Not too wide as an extent, but still running in. It’s diameter is 53.98mm, and is a perfect in a hand. Last but not least, it’s gap width is a perfect size gap at 3.52mm. Not too wide, nor too thin. It has a YoYoJam large sized bearing, size c. It’s stock response system is double o-ring, and it can be responsive at times, and you could swap out the rubber o-rings, for YoYoJam silicone o-rings - to make it more un-responsive. It’s price features about $41. Great play, for an afforable price. This Yo-Yo was built for the player, by the player, so you know it has to be good.

First Impressions/Looks: This b-e-a-uty was a stunning blood red, and it wasn’t dark, but not eye-killing bright, either. It had a good finish on the plastic, and good sized metal weight rings to make it fantablous! Every new Yo-Yo to me looks like a Mighty Flea in a package, one reason because it’s new, and I’ve never held/played with it before. So, of course, I opened it up, looked at the caps, the caps were pretty cool, and I play with caps in. Mainly because that’s how the company intended it to be. Awesome YoYoJam box, green and purple looks like the Hulk in a box! I never knew the colors go so great…

First Throw: Amazing. It was very smooth on the string, of course it was very responsive because it was never played before, but it wasn’t bad for a first throw. I couldn’t do much with it while it was responsive, so I did Split the Atom, and Braintwister for about one hour. Ugh. No, I am not intermediate, I am very good. Eli Hops and Suicide, well, don’t do it unless you want to kill yourself. I can’t imagine what the Hybrid Hitman was like if this one was responsive… Ouch. I did use their Jam String, because it comes with it, but I like Slick 6 to go with any Yo-Yo. But, hey, most YoYoJam Yo-Yos come responsive out of the box, but you can’t blame them. It’s worth having the responsiveness for a great deal. Not bad for a good price. Amazing play, without the $$$.

That was my YoYoJam Hitman review, as it is my first. Woo hoo! I hope this review was more on the professional side, but I don’t write much. I figured I would write one since I saw all the others.

Well, thanks for your time reading it! And I hoped you liked it! :slight_smile:

Nice review!

Just one tip or something, in the titles of the Paragraph, you can Bold it and or put it on a different line. It is fine how it is but I just like how it looks Bolded :P.

Ok, thanks Evan! :slight_smile: