Review on Hybrid Hitman

My review on my Hybrid Hitman:

First impressions: Very nice yoyo, good looks, attracting metal rims, perfect weight.

Johnnie DelValle used this yoyo to win 4 competitions. Regionals, Nationals, Worlds, and BAC 2008

Looks: 10/10 Amazing!!! One of the yoyos that have very good looks.

Feel: 10/10 Perfect feel. Fits good in hand.

Play: 8.5/10 A little responsive. Gets snaggy at first, but wears down a bit.

Sleep Times: 9/10 Long enough sleep times once you break in the bearing.

Price: 10/10 Very good price for play. About $48.

Overall: 9.9/10 Awesome yoyo! I highly reccomend it to players out there. The .1 is responsiveness of Hybrid. Great with Synergy Caps and Silicone O-Rings. Put shims in too to make a $100 yoyo be a $48.

Nice review. It would help to go a bit more in depth though. Take a look at this post to learn to make better reviews :wink:

Thanks. Didn’t you already show me that on my review of the New Breed?

I wasn’t sure if that was you or not, but I still think the information is valuable. Sorry if I seemed redundant :wink:

Its ok.