Hybrid: X-ConVict, DM, New Breed, or Hitman.


Okay so I want to buy my first hybrid and I’m unsure about what to get. I want a yoyo that can grow with me as I gain skill. Good for string technical string tricks, but also good for learning advanced to master tricks. So if anyone could give me an idea to which yoyo I mentioned in my title that would fill some of those categories I’d appreciate it!

(Mitch) #2

Is your fave yoyo one that you own? Because if so you dont need one of these.

  1. do you mean hybrid as in response? (If so take out X-conVict and New Breed) and if you mean plastic/metal hybrid then I’d say go with an O-ring Hitman or X-con… That way you can start out a little more responsive then Shim and silly it for a more advanced throw…

I suggest these because A) I find Hybrid response yoyos snaggy and the New is stock super unresponsive so not alot of growing with you…

Good luck


Nope I don’t have a dv888. I just threw my friends around and loved it =P

I did mean metal rim/plastic body.

I can bind pretty well already. By growing with me I meant having the flexibility to do the kinds of tricks that I feel like doing at that point in time.

Also I heard that the X-Con requires modding to reach it’s full capability… True?

(Mitch) #4

Kind of… I mean… silicone and shims… All of which you can buy here on the site when you buy the X-ConVict…

I think one set of red shims should do the trick…


Okay thanks!


What’s the advantage of a hybrid yoyo? As in response… never figured that out.

(Mitch) #7

Theres really no advantage or dis-advantage… It all comes down to preference… It plays different than lets say a silliconed yoyo and some people prefer the play you get with a Hybrid where as people like me prefer the silicone…