Need help with first yoyo

Well I already have one but its a Duncan Reflex lol
The only trick I can do is walk the dog, just so you know how noob I am xD.

I have a few questions about yoyos ;

-I know what’s responsive and unresponsive, but what about Hybrid ? ( Like a YYJ DarkMagic)

-I never used or know anyone with a metal one so what’s the use of it instead of plastic?

-Is the Velocity 3th good for a first A1? Should I buy extra strings at the same time?

-Are the videos on yoyoexpert down or is it just me lol?



  1. Hybrid is a response. This means that there is two different response types in it. 1 oring and 1 starbust.
  2. Metal yoyos usually are nicer, but are not neccesary. My hatrick (a metal yoyo) is really good IMO and I use it more than any of my other yoyos, but everything I can do on my Hatrick I can do on a plastic. You dont need a metal, but they are nice to have. Am I making sense?
  3. The Velocity 3rd generation is a great first 1a yoyo. It is adjustable so you can switch from responsive to unresponsive if you need to. And it would be very wise to buy extra strings so you dont run out. A few 5 packs should last you, although if you think you are going to be practicing a bunch and you are not going to make another purchase anytime soon I say get the 100 if you can afford it.

As for the vids being down I dont know cause I am at school and they block it.

Rats, Kei posted exactly what I was going to say while I was typing it. Oh well.  :slight_smile:

Here are the (slightly different) answers to your questions:

  1. Hybrid and O-ring are typically unresponsive, but you can adjust them to be responsive. Starburst (FAST) can be both, Friction Stickers are responsive, and pretty much anything else is unresponsive.

  2. I don’t have a metal yoyo but they are more stable, (usually) longer spinning, and more accurate. Basically, just higher-end.

  3. Yes, the Velocity would be a great yoyo for you because you can adjust it from responsive to unresponsive. Pretty much anything that’s FAST or responsive. And you should always have extra strings. I recommend buying a 100 Bulk string pack.

  4. Sometimes they are down because so many people are on the site, and using a part of the server.
    Or, you could try refreshing the page.

Hope this helps!

Yes I know Hybrid is a response, but how does it works? I mean responsive gets back to your hand and unresponsive does not, but hybrid?

Thanks for your answers, I just ordered a Velocity 3rd yesterday and wanted to be sure lol.

Ok thanks a lot
Not sure about all the response types but I got most of it lol

There is a bunch of plastic ridges on one side of the bearing, (spinning part of the yoyo) and a rubber circle on the other side. You need this because the yoyo is spinning so fast that something needs to grab the string when you jerk the yoyo and begin winding it up. Hybrid is one way of doing that.

O-ring is another way. There are two rubber circles instead of one. And then Friction Stickers are rubber stickers for responsive play, silicone stickers unresponsive.

The vids work fine for me…

Anyway, you can make any response type(hybrid, o-ring, silicone, etc.) responsive or unresponsive. Many people use thick lube to make a yo-yo responsive. To make it unresponsive, cleaning bearings and widening gaps usually work.

Ok, thanks, I just spent 30min reading about response systems on yoyowiki lol.
Will I have to use thick lube on my Velocity since its starbust? Or will the starbust itself work to have a good response?

No, you can adjust the response on the Velocity using the dials. You COULD lube the bearing, but it would be easier just to use the dials. And sometimes dirt or grime gets on the bearing itself, that’s when you use thin lube to clean it.

All these are good advice.

However I would recommend you stick to plastic for learning. I know some would disagree and say it doesn’t matter, but I just feel that plastics are better for learning.

If you do get a new Velocity, it will not be Starburst response. With my Velocity (and you may be able to find the posts on here) I did have trouble with it being completely unresponsive out of the box, no matter the level I adjusted it. This has to do with the fact that a lot of YYF bearings are sold almost completely dry (little to no lube). So if you do pick one up you may want to also pick up some lube.

As for the string, if you can spring for it definitely go up to the 100 count. You’ll need it in the long run no matter what, and it works out to be much cheaper.

Someone once gave me some (I think) good advice. He said to improve your skill start with a Wood Axle Yo-Yo and work your way up to as far as you can go with it. Once you’ve hit the ceiling with it, move to a Transaxle. And then finally on to a Bearing once you can’t progress any further. All the while stick to narrow gaps and thinner bodies (modified shape not necessarily butterfly). This advice is basically built on the idea that if you can master a trick on a Wood Axle with a Narrow Gap, you’ll be a natural once you move up. This advice may not work for everyone of course.

As for a good starting yo-yo, I’m biased. If you were not to take the advice above, I think the Freehand is a good starter that can carry you a long way. It starts responsive, and you can tweak it later to become unresponsive as you grow. But that’s just me, I prefer it to the Velocity. Another good starter that you can pick up at a lower price (if that is an issue) is the Duncan Dragonfly (cheaper in response pads as well, the cork pads last much longer), but it will not take you nearly as far as the Freehand.