Entry-level string trick yoyo?

Hey guys.
I’m currently throwing a FAST 201, but I’m finding that the starburst system has a tendency to interrupt my string tricks, it catches and knots about 50% of the time. I don’t think it’s me, because I tried on a friend’s yoyo and it worked much better.

Regardless, I have a few questions.

  1. Should I go with a responsive or unresponsive if my focus is string tricks? Why?

  2. Any specific recommendations for yoyos that could be right for a beginner/novice?

Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

1: Start responsive. It helps build better technique. But, do use a wing-shaped yoyo.

2: While there is a large list of suitable yoyos, if you’re serious, go DM2. The two bearings let you change between responsive and unresponsive with a simple bearing swap. If budget is a concern, the Legacy II is quite ideal, being that it’s a plastic DM2. The ONE with 2 bearings is not bad, but it’s a bit light, that’s the only drawback because otherwise it’s well made, well balanced, pretty smooth and a good player for the $10 it sells for. The lack of weight in the ONE doesn’t let it spin for as long.

Note there are many options here. Any YYJ that has 2 bearings will be fine as well. You can also thick lube up unresponsive yoyos to make them responsive but I personally don’t like doing that, but it does work.

Unresponsive? You mean responsive, right?

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Yes. I fixed it in my post.

Sorry, no sleep and waking up to screaming kids and phone ringing since 6AM from deadbeat clients who haven’t paid me in YEARS(read: owe me thousands of dollars but refuse to pay and yet still want help) demanding services AND hardware but I know they won’t pay for it. I went to bed at 3AM working on other stuff.

Chose one of the $15 YYJ plastics. They’re the best starter yoyos on the market. They easily go from responsive (stock) to unresponsive with minimal effort. And, they’re still good after you’ve gotten a few metals. I STILL play my Lyn Fury all the time.

i say starbrite its got a great profile for landing tricks a big gap and comes stock unresponsive which i find better for a begginer because its stresses you to learn how to bind

In my experience, yoyoers who start unresponsive are more likely to quit yoyoing and are overall worse yoyoers.


$8. Set it up modified. As the stickers wear, it becomes less responsive. Add a Centertrac A-sized bearing and brass Duncan spacers and it goes full unresponsive.

Lyn Fury, stock, responsive. Silicone it, should go completely unresponsive. Clean the bearing too.

I have to agree on starting responsive. It helps teach you to keep a little tension on the string and gives you a little knuckle smack if you get sloppy. I also agree to get something that can go from responsive to unresponsive so you can stick your toe in the water and see if you are ready.

I went from a Raider to a Grind Machine and 2 months later I’m still yoyoing (I know that that’s not that long) and I’m on Kwijibo (I’m not sure if that’s any good.)

Well you still got that foundation from starting responsive. With a responsive yoyo you are forced to get a good throw because if you throw sloppily it wrong work. With an unresponsive yoyo you can throw it bad and it won’t have any consequences so you will start to form bad habits from the beginning.

Well if you’ve mastered the basics, I recommend the Velocity. If not, I recommend the Raider.

I used a duncan proyo for 4 months before i got a ball bearing yoyo. partly because i was cheap :wink:
also because it helped me learn a whole lot about throwing and aim. start with a fixed axle.

I agree to start responsive. The DM2 is a great choice to add to your arsenal, however you might consider an old school Henrys viper. This was one of my favs growing up because I could adjust the response by twisting the halves of the yo-yo. its light weight and the rubber outer wont get damaged if you bump it into things.

just a thought

I would recommend starting responsive. I learned Budha’s Revenge on a knucklebusting, responsive One. It made me much smoother.

Thanks for all the tips guys, I live in Australia do anything I want has to be ordered online, wish there were some actual local shops that carry more than yotech. >.>

I agree with a responsive start, and I’ll look into the suggestions, particularly DM2.

For now, I tore out the starbursts from my 201 and replaced them with old string. It’s playing somewhat better and quieter for now. >:D

I would try to make some efforts to find out if there are any yoyo clubs, meets or contests around where you live. SOMEONE has to know other sources to get good yoyos. I’m not trying to steer purchases away from YYE, but sometimes, the ability to get something locally really has advantages.

Yeah, I have tried to do so, but beyond traveling hours away, I don’t really have an option there. :frowning:

I’d say if it doesn’t take up too much time, KEEP trying. Market it via facebook if you have to. Many people are on facebook. I am(but not willingly, I rather dislike it).