yyj hitman vs. yyj black knight


hi pplz im thinking of buying a better yoyo its either hit man or black knight i dont want a all metal yoyo just in case i hit on the floor

hitman: goods uses a o-ring
its for begginers and i dont know if i sjould shave of selicone the o ring
still a small gap at the fullest gap

yyj black knight
goods unresponsive out of the box
good 4 1a and 5a

bads i dont like hybrid response and i fail at 5a and small gap

how i know this i go to a store that lets me try the yoyos btw i live in canada edmonton so i dont have many choose to get a yoyo and no i dont feel like ordering 1


How is the hitman a begginner yoyo its one of my favorites?
And it seems like you already know what you want your just looking for assurance.
I owned both and i liked the hitman better but thats just me.

(laxdude99) #3

Hitmqn any day


YES, I agree with all of the above.

JD spec’d the HM for his style, Is he a beginner?

My own observation is that the HM is far and above more popular than the BK. I own both and much prefer the HM. I went so far as to trade a guy my BK starburst half for his o-ring half, and the dual o-ring HM still is a better yoyo than an dual o-ring BK.

I don’t care much for hybrids, but I will admit that the hybrid HM is a good player as well, though I prefer the dual o-ring version.


just pick one they are both pretty good yoyos it is just prefrence i prefer the hitman over the black night. If you can wait get a hitman pro.


My Hitman is one of my all time favorites, and if your looking to lower the grab feeling from the yoyojam O rings I just put in a pair of YYF slim pads. They fit into the groove perfectly, but just be sure you got binding down, because it really sits down in the groove.


Both are great depending on whether or not you feel like throwing a cheeseburger (referencing the Black Knight’s shape ;D). Seriously though, I really like them both, though I did prefer my Hitman more when I still had it. They’re just different throws for different moods.


i say its for a beginer beacus it still comes up in all sizes of the gap i dont even think looking for 2h to see which is better… but honestly did you guys mod. the yoyo

1 more thing it was unresponsive at the biggest gap rghit out of the box but as soon i lubed it (2 small drop at 2 ball) its responsive and i dont have yyj thin so i use mineral oil/baby oil


Mod it - NO, it needs no modding. Perfect as it comes.

Lube - makes yoyos responsive.
(And mineral oil is relatively thick)


What lube do I use then


Sewing machine oil. I got a huge bottle for $4. And I didn’t even need to ship it.

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Hitman any day man just sili it, spec or broken in yyj bearing, two thick red shims and it’s a monster