Hitman or Black Knight?

(Connor) #1

Pick. I need to decide. Dont worry about my preferences i like them both.


I have a Hybrid Hitman. If I were you, I’d go with a Hybrid. Its a tad less responsive. Black Knight is good for 5A, but the X-ConVict was made by JD, so if you want to go with a JD collection. But both yoyos are great. I don’t like the round rim shape on that. Hitman is smooooooooth.


Well the Hitman and Victs are pretty similar (Unless it’s a Hybrid Hitman). If you want a different feel, then go with the Black Knight. Otherwise, go with the Hitman.


The hitman is a yoyo that I feel should be in every collection,I am planning to get one soon,I have tried many,I like them all.


Black Knight.

Just do it.


(Connor) #7

Haha, Hitman it is. Thanks guys.


You will love it. :smiley:


I love my hitman. My best friend has a black knight and I like my hitman more.

(system) #10

IMO Only…

1A - Hitman
1A/4A - Black Knight (Like John Narum :))

(Jamesofyoyo) #11

4 some reson i do not like the hitman, but the black knight is good even though i dont like its shape.

(_|@<06) #12

just got a hybrid hitman :wink: it rules and is sooo smooooth, writing a review soon