Hitman or Black Knight?

Pick. I need to decide. Dont worry about my preferences i like them both.

I have a Hybrid Hitman. If I were you, I’d go with a Hybrid. Its a tad less responsive. Black Knight is good for 5A, but the X-ConVict was made by JD, so if you want to go with a JD collection. But both yoyos are great. I don’t like the round rim shape on that. Hitman is smooooooooth.

Well the Hitman and Victs are pretty similar (Unless it’s a Hybrid Hitman). If you want a different feel, then go with the Black Knight. Otherwise, go with the Hitman.

The hitman is a yoyo that I feel should be in every collection,I am planning to get one soon,I have tried many,I like them all.

Black Knight.

Just do it.

Haha, Hitman it is. Thanks guys.

You will love it. :smiley:

I love my hitman. My best friend has a black knight and I like my hitman more.

IMO Only…

1A - Hitman
1A/4A - Black Knight (Like John Narum :))

4 some reson i do not like the hitman, but the black knight is good even though i dont like its shape.

just got a hybrid hitman :wink: it rules and is sooo smooooth, writing a review soon