(YoYoBlaze) #1

ok I’m getting a Hitman for Christmas(so excited!!!) but i’m not sure about hybrid or normal. i like the tight binds from double o rings after i tried my bro’s journey, but i have had no experience with hybrid response. help appreciated.



(J. Lev) #3

Stick with the Double O-Ring. It’s a really great response system. The Hybrid response tends to be a bit snaggier.


get the double o ring


I don’t think anyone should post here anymore. The answer is in that the verdict is double o-ring. There. That’s 4 for the double o-ring. lol

(Eleazar) #6

Get the double o-ring. :smiley: And if that is to snaggy take out the o-ring and put on slicone.

(Mitch) #7

Lol… Isn’t it great how people read all the posts and listen!!!


I totally love my hitman. I have silicone in and I recommend shims. It is so close to being as good as my dv888 ;).


if you do get a hitman i defenatly recomend silicon modding it it makes it realy unresponseve it did it to mine and it works great

(Mikey) #10

Get a double O-Ring, When your done with playing responsive, Silicone it, and be as happy as a weasel.

(YoYoBlaze) #11

ok guys i get it i’m getting double o rings and i will silicone it. there’s no need to pos anymore unless you’re recommending hybrid response.

(Cinimod105) #12

If you want people to know that your problem is solved, just lock the topic.

(YoYoBlaze) #13

ummmm i knew i should but i don’t know how

(Cinimod105) #14

At the bottom left corner of the screen, you should see three links that state “move topic”, “remove topic” and “lock topic”. Just click on the “lock topic”.