Which HM?

Hmmm… which Hitman should I get. Hybird or O-Ring. Which is more unresponsive, snags less and give good binds. tthank you :slight_smile:

sorry you proberly get this question wayyyyy too much ::slight_smile:

get the o ring so you can silicone it.

I prefer the double O-Ring much more. Its a great response system, while Hybrid can sometimes be snaggy.

I’d go with the double o-ring. It snags less and you have more possibilities if you want to change the response. For unresponsive and good binds that usually matters what you have in the response system.

well you can technically still silicone one side on a hybrid… The only hybrid I have tried is my DM and I think it is definitely non-responsive enough with one red shim in it and it never snags. I tried my friends Mini Motu (stock Rubber double O-ring) it seemed pretty snaggy nonetheless.

Double O-ring. Love that response system so much.

Thanks guys i’ll go with what you say. Hitman O-ring it is ;D I’ll prob will silcone it if i cbb Thanks again :wink:

Double O-ring and sili it.