Hitman vs. Hybrid Hitman

Hey just wondering if the response type really makes a difference, i hear that hybrid is less responsive. Is that true? Thanks

i personally prefer the regular hitman because i dont like starburst, starburst tends to be more snaggy and cant handle as many layers of string when orings/silicone aren’t.

thats just my opinion though, other people might think differently.

yup i agree i personally also prefer the double o ring hitman because it feels smoother and it will be better after you silicone recess it.but thats just me.

I’m going to the be the odd one out here. I actually like the hybrid better because I have found that I like starburst the best, suprisingly. I had a double starburst one (had, as in I broke it the other day >:( ) and I liked that one the best, but I like hybrid second to that. But once again, it’s all preference.

hmmm…well Ive played with my friends lyn fury and its double o ring and i didnt really like it, too responsive, i like my speedmaker which is hybrid. but is the lyn fury (response wise) like the double o ring hitman?

P.S. Is it hard to silicone recess a hitman? ive never tried silicone response but from what i hear its good. Ive never silicone recessed any yoyo ever

If you have really flowable silicone (not like mine) it should just flow out evenly. But mine is thick so I just pressed it all down in there and scraped out the bearing seat afterwards.

Addment: Some kind of plastic fitting into the bearing seat to protect it would be great. Someone please start to produce this.

I use this kind of silicone- http://www.amazon.com/Permatex-81422-Sensor-Silicone-Gasket/dp/B000AANXHC/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&s=automotive&qid=1242848341 It flows out nice and smoothly and is easy to get out of the bearing seat if you get any in there. It can also be found at Wallmart.

Yeah. I have a Hybrid Hitman and it is more unresponsive that the regular Hitman. Hybrids are a lot better.

What part of walmart has it? I need to get some but I don’t see it online at all.

I found some at walmart at the section for windows.
Usually this is right past the auto items by just a few isles.

Good luck!

Of the 2 by the way.
I prefer a dual oring hitman over a hybrid.
The Hybrid response seems a bit too grippy for me, so I siliconed my all oring and it worked wonders :slight_smile:

Good luck!


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I LOVE Siliconed Hybrid.

It is all in what response you like, I like Hybid more all around.

Im probly gonna go with a hybrid, seems more fit and i like it in my speedmaker;) but just for a final question, the hitmans built for grinding right? is it good at it? i love grinding lol

no yoyos that I know of are really built for grinding,but the hitman grinds great,any yoyo with metal will(ussually). :wink:

I prefer oring Hitman, because its much smoother than I thought.

Happy Throwing! =]

before i tried the hybrid and the o ring hitman i was thinking about getting one. i asked yoyoexpert which is best. they said its all personal preference, but they all like the o ring better. i tried it, and so do i. the sunshine kite company said they prefer the hybrid better. i think tom was the one the one who said that hybrids better, im not sure though.

keyword: personal preferance so try them out yourself.

good luck

well i got my hybrid 2 days ago…I LOVE IT!!! thanks for all the opinions!