What system response to look for (with unresponsive)

Should I go with Sillicone o-rings? Or simple sticker or basic o-rings? Hybrids (I don’t really like them but if you do state why)?

What’s the differences between them?

I have flowable silicone in my peak, Silicone Rings in my GM2, and K-pads (I think) in my 888. All 3 are unresponsive. I took the O-ring out of my Dark Magic because it was responsive.

If you’re looking for unresponsive play, I would suggest using the Silicone. Flowable silicone lasts longer than silicone rings (for me at least), because the silicone rings fall out sometimes. Stickers have to be broken in and wear out. I’m just not a fan of O-rings.

It’s all just preference. Some people prefer different response. One that most people like is silicone.
Andre Boulay uses a hybrid response, and he’s a yoyo master, so it’s just preference.

The thing you have to remember about responsiveness is that response system is only one part of the equation. Other things to consider are: gap width, cleaned/lubed bearings, shape of the bearings, etc…

As for differences in response types:

In addition, I have a Dark Magic. I really like the hybrid response because I prefer really tight and snappy binds. Hybrid also helps a lot in binding with low RPM’s. However, a lot of people feel that the response is too snaggy. The same goes to something like fresh Duncan friction stickers, or starburst response.