YYJ Silicone O-Rings


I’m In the middle of my purchase gettin a DM. I like my yoyo on more of the responsive side so i’ve already added thick lub to the purchase,and i noticed http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/56/YYJ-Silicone , Would it be best or better to have them to replace the origianal o-ring?


the silicone will give it better binds and wont snag as much but it will make it less responsive


ok thanks!


If you like responsiveness, I don’t suggest them.


Why? Maybe they wear out too fast? I had some in an old journey I had and kept responsive. Lasted a while and worked just fine.


Nah, just save the extra dollar, because with lube and an O-Ring, it will still be responsive.


Their out of stock at the moment anyway.

(Gorrilla_YO) #8

Silicone baby…GROOVY SMOOTH AND UNRESPONSIVE, (put away those Hard Ugly O-rings Imo)
Replace them with Silicone


Groovy Baby (austin powers)