Wat r the different response systems?

I am not sure about the difference in responce systems. i do not even know the pros and cons of different systems, let alone wat they r gd for. Pls help. 8)

Ok, there is silicone, hybrid (Oring and starburst), double O-ring, Starburst, K-pad, silicone stickers, friction stickers, friction pads, ghost pads, and there are a couple more, but I cant remember any right now, you can google any of the above responces to get more information.

I would recommend checking out André’s video. It has some good information, though it might not have everything.

It’s mainly come down to starburst, o-ring, stickers like from Duncan, and different types of silicone. K-pads, chaz pads, ghost pads, hot pads, silicone pads (like from OneDrop) are all different types of silicone pads. There is also flowable/RTV silicone, which is just a tube of the silicone that is put into a recess (like for o-rings) and left to cure, where it give tight binds while maintaining unresponsiveness.

Can u provide infomation about the hybrid like how it affects play? thx :slight_smile:

Hows it going pal… Can we lay off the text speak please?


theres tons o-response out there… you can find
…Umm… I think thoses are the main ones…

Starburst: Raised plastic to catch the string… I find that starburst tends to be a little snaggy…

O-Ring: Two O-rings rub against the string to bring back the yoyo… Only tried O-Rings in sunsets and hybrids so dont have too much on an opinion on them

Hybrid: Half starburst/Half O-Ring… This is what alot of YYJs have… I ring it to be snaggy but smoother with silicone in place of the O-Ring

Silicone: One of my favorite, usualy flush or recessed silicone that binds tightly but still leaves the yoyo very unresponsive

K-Pad: Like silicone but I find its a little better

String: Used in the Loop 720 its string on string action! Not sure how it plays

F.A.S.T.: Fully Active Starburst Technology! Used in YYF’s F.A.S.T. Line to offer more of a personalized play setting to the player… Used in yoyos like the Speed Dial, 401K and Velocity. You turn the knobs and it pushed the starbursts farther or brings them closer to the string… Your choice!

I know this is kinda rushed but just look at some of the pictures in the shop and see what you like…

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Personaly, I like K-pads best, but Hybrid plays just fine too, its on my DM and I love it… smooth and dead unresponsive, unless you put thick lube on it! ;D

Hybrid plays great. Some people don’t like it, but it plays fine. It comes down to preference with all this stuff.