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YoYoFactory GM K-Pad// Hybrid//silicone ???

Welcome to the forums TYPHOON. Now as you’ve already noticed, there’s a lot of different response systems out there.

Hybrid is a response system mainly seen in YoYoJam yoyos. It is basically a mixture of two different response systems. The most usual combination is starburst/O.ring.

Now silicone is probably the most popular response system out there. It allows for really tight binds while maintaining unresponsiveness.

K-pads is a really interesting response system. It is made out of silicone, but the pad is textured to give a stronger bind.

This site is full of informative videos. If you wonder about response systems, check this out:

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hi i’m new at this yo-yo gig i bought like 8 yo-yo’s 2 start. the 2 i’m starting with is the MUTANT DNA & SPYY Addiction what do i need for response also im left handed do i need a left handed string the DNA tilts 2 one side and they dont bind for crap…

First off, ditch the Mutant dna and the addiction, They are way too advanced for you, I would reccomend a velocity from yoyofactory or a yoyojam journey. You will learn a lot more with those.

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The two yoyos you are starting with are built for advanced/professional play. They should return if you do a bind return. If you want to make them responsive to tugs, you should apply some form of thick lubrication to the bearings. At the same time, I suggest that you get a yoyo more designed for intermediate play.

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Yes, keep those two for when you get much better, but don’t start with them. It will help you out in the long run. If you play a game you’ve never played, like maybe you’ve never played Halo before and you try to play it on the hardest difficulty, it just doesn’t work. You don’t want to jump to the best/hardest things right away.

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Let’s get back on topic here…

Here are some response systems: Fixed Axles, Starbursts, Reverse Starbursts, Brake Pads, Friction Stickers, O-Rings, and Silicone. Hybrid response means a mix of different response types.

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Also, the “professional” yoyos won’t come back to your hand with tug, unless you use thick lube. Get a Journey or Velocity and practice bind returns.

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Here is a great guide to response systems.

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That’s where I got the list of mine, lol.

Here is a useful picture as well:
Top row from left to right:
Duncan friction sticker • YYJam Matrixx O-ring • ProYo brake pad
Bottom row from left to right:
Henrys Tiger Snake raised ring • Losi star burst • ProYo GT wood