response systems

I am just wondering what all of the different types of response systems were. I know of friction stickers and o ring but i dont know the names of the others. Thanks!

Hybird (Refers to one half starburts and one half o-ring)
Silicone (Silicone friction pads exist, but there is also just regular silicone applied to the recesses next to the bearing seat)

Ok thanks now i actually know what im using to make my yoyo come back!

Here i all the response system:

dif-e-yo pad
silicone sticker
flush silicone
silicone o-ring
brake pad
adjustible starburst
small k-pad (for mighty flea)
flowable silicone
K2J silicone pad
chaz pad
born crucial ghost pad
turning point k-pad
Hot red SILLYYcone

And more…

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Shims arent a response system in a yo-yo. :wink:

Please be careful what you said.  :slight_smile:

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They’re not responce systems, they make the gap bigger, so your yoyo is less responsive. But its still not a responce system.

It’s not technically a response system. Which yo-yo would have a tiny shim as a response system?

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No need to “pwn” eachother guys. ;D

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I was just sayin’ that shims aren’t really responce systems.

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Oh, I thought it is, but its not. Sorry Guys, and you too Johnny T.

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No worries, everyone makes mistakes.

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