Response Type Q's

Hey every body, I am sort or new to yoyo, i’ve been doing it for about 3 months, and i have a few questions about response types.

What’s so special about all the response types? And why are there so many? Aren’t they all sort of the same? Does it matter what kind you have?

If you have some answers i would like to hear about them, thx :slight_smile:

not all r the same like brake pads and starburst and friction stickers make a yoyo responsive and silicone pads, k-pads,chaz pads, dif pads and flowable silicone will make it unresponsive then there are orings which are responsive but once broken in their unresponsive and hybrid is a mix of starburst on one side and an oring in the other there are so many different types

Response systems are what makes the yo-yo return to your hand when a ball bearing is in use. Different response types have different feels and different levels of responsiveness, allowing you to tailor your yo-yo to your liking. They all basically do the same thing in the same way, but they feel, respond, and last different amounts.

here is wat response each company i use

duncan: friction sticker and brake pads

yyf: k-pads

yyj: starburst,o-ring,flush o-ring,and hybrid

flowable silicone can be put in to any yoyo a deep grove around the bearing

there might be more im not sure

Think of it like this. How many different types of tires are there? they are just tires. they make the car roll right? Wrong. There are mudders for FWD’s and Z rated tires for 200+ mph. Some are for wet weather and some are for snow. And some don’t even have tread on them for maximum grip! (drag racing)

Now its the same way with response systems. You need to get the response system that fits your type of driving (style) get it?

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