does silicone make the yoyo less or more responsive?

see title…

Silicone will/should make yo-yos unresponsive. Sometimes, they need to be broken in first before it becomes unresponsive.

Silicone is a bit more grippy, which means that you can recess it and so on. You can also get raised silicone from either thick pads or a silicone job. This will give a good amount of response, and is actually used in Sunset Trajectories.

Yes, silicone is actually more responsive then, say, rubber o-rings, which is why it should be played recessed or flush.

if i have a rubber response system can i just take it out to make my yoyo unresponsive?

No, because then the yoyo will not have anything to grab on, and it will not return to your hand.

bunds wont work?

No, because it won’t have any response, at all. An unresponsive yo-yo still needs response.

I just wanted to point out that Sunset Trajectories use rubber o-rings and not silicone o-rings. :slight_smile:

but some players use silicone in them also if he meant that.