My dm

It is completely unresponsive, but I want to silicone it. Will it make it responsive?

no silicone will make it unresponsive but if you want it responsive tighten the gap and double loop it or thick lube it

No. If you silicone it right it will not be responsive. Though you will have to break it in first.

if it is already unresponsive there is no need to pay for silicone

Silicone is a lot more than just unresponsive play. Tighter binds, less snags and less friction during play make silicone play way better than rubber.


I think it’s important to note that silicone is just another kind of response. Unresponsiveness is a combination of bearing cleanliness/thin-lubediness, gap width, and the LAST part of the equation is the response. Silicone-ing a responsive yo-yo will not necessarily make it unresponsive.